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Credit to Elmo
Birthday: June 12th
Family: Abernathy Family
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Addictive-Personality

Seeming: Darkling
Kiths: Whisperwisp/Gravewight/Leechfinger
Court: Autumn (**)
Position: Grave-Tender
Keeper: The Crone
Motley: none
Entitlement: Speakers for the Dead


Blanche Abernathy was around Fallcoast several decades ago. Or someone with her name and general appearance was, anyway. She's here now, which is the important part, though she's not been seen much before February of '16. She's quiet and doesn't tend to draw attention to herself, mostly, but then, she is a member of the Autumn Court, so who knows why they do the things they do?


  • Abernathy: She's one of many cousins in this family, though most of the non-Lost had never met her until February 2016 due to her being gone for several decades.
  • Banshee Hill Graveyard: This is her little slice of New Redoubt. A graveyard and mausoleum/crematorium that is just as public as any other cemetery, just for the freehold. Come fill out a funeral card!
  • Bones: She collects bones, primarily skulls, and is good at identifying them. (Animal, human, hob...)
  • Firefly Fields Retreat: She helps Nemo out here, buying food, helping maintain hospitality, and ensuring no ghosts harass people here.
  • Ghosts: She's very knowledgeable about them and has a number of magics involving them. They seem to like her, too, at least a some of them.
  • Grave-Tender: Freehold position. She ensures people get proper funerals and helps with ghosts/Underworld issues.
  • People Watching: This is a favorite past-time for the little sluagh. Do you want to be watched? Perhaps in a creepy fashion?
  • Speaker for the Dead: She's a priestess/necromancer, helping with funerals, ghosts and the Underworld. Essentially she has leanings toward all things deathly. Weirdo.
  • Scar: She has a scar from where it looked like someone tried to slit her throat.
  • Shrooms: She finds shrooms in the woods! Not the kind you put in salads, but the kind that fuck you up. In a good way!
  • Technology: If it wasn't around in the '50s, she's probably not that good with it and tries to avoid it.
  • Underworld: Going along with her knowledge of ghosts, she's been to the Underworld and will take others.
  • Winter: She has Winter leanings, such as her secretiveness and knowing well the taste of sorrow. (She has a cemetery, after all.)



This woman is in her mid-to-late twenties, with a slender build. She's five foot four and has straight brown hair that comes several inches past her shoulders. Her skin is fair and free of freckles, her eyes a pale brown with a darker ring around the outside of the irises. There is a scar across her throat, that looks like someone tried, badly, to slit her throat once upon a time. It isn't a neat scar, but ragged, though it's long healed.


This Darkling is on the short side of average, with a slender-bordering-on-skinny frame. Her hair is long and straight, a dull black but for a streak of white on the left side. Oddly, some of that hair looks more like feathers than actual hair, very thin, very fine feathers. Her skin is white, with a tinge of grey, and there are faint shadows beneath her eyes. Though her lashes are dark, her eyes lack most color, faded and hazy like those of a corpse, but for a dark ring around the iris. Her nails are dull black, and arcane symbols show on her palms in pale blue. Across her throat is a ragged scar, like someone made a poor attempt at slitting her throat. Likely because of that, when she speaks it's rarely above a whisper, and even then it's not by much. There's a faint, dark aura about her, and occasionally when light flashes over her face, there's a skull-like image superimposed over her own.


The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
~Edgar Allan Poe
The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.
~Lois McMaster Bujold
Death is not an evil.
What is it then?
The one law mankind has that is free of all discrimination.

~Lucius Annaeus Seneca, letter CXXIII


  • Billy: My protector and friend.
  • Cressida: What happened?
  • Damian: Get the stick out of your ass.
  • Darius:
  • Deckard: A wonderful surprise.
  • Freddy: Well you're interesting.
  • Hoax: Not sure yet.
  • Jimena: Awkward, but kind of adorable.
  • Kilo: I don't think anyone has liked me so much so quick. Cool.
  • Leander: Adorable and deadly. A fascinating combination.
  • Myles: Maddening adopted brother.
  • Vandal:
  • Yasen: One of my favorite cousins. I just want to protect him.


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