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Fighting Style Biting ( • - ••••)

Prerequisite: Biting specialty, FS Grappling •

• - The Biter is comfortable going in teeth first. Instead of initiating a grapple to make a bite attack, the character can sacrifice their defense for the round to immediately make a bite attack.

•• - The Biter latches on and does not let go, either through strength of jaw or sheer will. After initiating a grapple with a target, attempts to break free are penalized by either the character's Strength or Resolve +1. If they spend 1 WP before their initial attack roll (this does not add +3 to the attack roll) the victim will suffer 1 Lethal damage should they tear themselves free.

••• - This is some real animal planet shit. The Biter knows how to go just for he jugular - or some other important artery or vein. When using the first dot of this style to make a biting attack, the character can reduce penalties for called shots by 2.

•••• - At this level, you are one chompy motherfucker. When in a grapple, the character gains a bonus of +4 dice to overpowering maneuvers means to deal damage with a bite attack if they spend a willpower, instead of the normal +3