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Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. -Gustave Flaubert


Bijou Emilie Geroux was born in London, England April 24,1992, Her parents were smart and well off. Though they died when she was young leaving Bijou to be raised by her aunt who was an Anthropologist. Spending most of her life all over the world studying people. Bijou developed a love for People, Art and photography. She was homeschooled as they traveled around the world. And she started submitting her photography in for magazines. She began to gain attention of magazines. It could be her Name, Her mother was a well known Anthropologist her father a well known published Psychologist.

After her photographs began to grow more and more popular she decided to continue to work as her love for photography continued to grow. She also began to grow impassioned about some of the remote areas they were visiting. The problems that were running rampant. And her work began to showcase her ideals, Impassioned showcases of people animals and their plights in certain remote areas that were war torn and broken.


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  • Activist: Her Work is a bit obscure and possibly unknown but maybe you have come across one of her articles on a vlog.. or something on Time Magazine.
  • 'Multi-Lingual: Need a Translator? She speaks Russian,Spanish, Portugese, French and English
  • Bastet: New to Fallcoast and Bastet Life looking to meet others of her kind.
  • Humanitarian: Spending some of her free time giving back to the community though she is a Journalist she spends time at the Local Zoo voluntering.



Date of Birth: August 21, 1989
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Photo Journalist
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust
Band: Unclaimed
Mate: None
Status: Single
Breed: Bastet


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