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Big Mac

“I'm loving it. -McDonalds"


Well Big Mac is a big ogre, who belongs with the court of spring, who likes to eat and likes to have fun. He dislikes long walks on the beach because there is sand and also walking involved. He would not though say no to a pub crawl nor would he decline a party although he would rather take it easy with a game or a movie. He is single, he doesn't mind being single but he is. He grew up in Fallcoast but a lot of things have changed since he was here, for instance he was not a troll last time he was here. He does have a semi-home thing fixed with Dittos couch even if he seems to have more in common with Charlie than with Ditto, but he likes both of the guys. He would love to meet new friends in Fallcoast, would suck to have gotten this far just to realize it was another dead end.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
  • Got change? - He is a big guy, a hungry guy, a lazy guy... but always needs money. He might not like to work and he certainly has trouble keeping one but... if you have an odd job here or there...
  • THIS IS THE HYPEST SHIT!!! - You game? Or are you down to game? This guy is always down... And he has won a few tournaments for both Tekken and Street fighter. Ken is a solid character but he does use all of them. Maybe you are down to either game with him... make a few bets... or perhaps see if he wants to try a whole OTHER kind of game.
  • Legendary Couch Surfer - Sure he has a place... for now... he likes to make friends, in case he is kicked out of his current couch he can just slouch down into another couch. He actually also likes to have friends to hang with and help but... yeah... also useful since he is completely unable to get a place of his own.
  • Friendly brute - Big Mac is big as fuck, looks intimidating perhaps, but is kind at heart and wants to help people out. Need to move a couch? Someone picking on you? Need help eating that cake in your fridge? Just ask.
  • I don't wanna talk about it - Big Mac doesn't wanna talk about his durance, gets him down, but as a player I don't mind talking about it, so sure, push Marcus to talk about it... is good for him anyway.
  • Ditto  I use his couch more often than I should, but he let's me, good friend. Sucks at Tekken.
  • Charlie   Dittos pet Crow, cool dude, likes good movies and has similar humor to Big Mac.
  • Colin   Cool kid, a chill dude. I just want to help him, but I get it if he's scared of me...
  • Isrieal Damn dude, she scary. Friendly, kind... but scary.
  • Kira Kind Spring court who is into magic and RTS, gotta change that to fighting games at some point though, heh.
  • Kilo HOLY SHIT I HAVE A JOB! Hope I can keep this one for atleast a few weeks. Boss seems chill AF, got me pancakes and whiskey on orientation day.
Big Mac 1.png
Full Name: Marcus Ekstrom
Seen As: Big Mac
Played By: Jorge Garcia
Date of Birth: 30 Nov, 1985
Apparent Age: 30's
Occupation: Errand dude at Forbidden arts until they come to their senses.
Virtue: Humility
Vice: Epicurean

Sphere: Changeling
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Troll
Court: Spring

Notable Merits: Giant

Soundtrack Oh my dayum - schmoyoho
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