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Bianca Vettel
"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman."- Ludwig von Beethoven

Vital Statistics

Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Nationality: German
Height: 5'2"
Build: Waifish and thin
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Cornflower
Occupation: Musician
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Gluttony
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Nelapsi
Covanent: Ordo Dracul

Presence •••••
Manipulation •••••
Majesty •••••
Nightmare •••••
Striking Looks & Voice ••


Her brother Cristoph and her sister Ilse both were taken off for a project with the Nazi party. Bianca worked in hall serving the soldiers, playing in the band, usually as arm candy to other officers. She was a card carrying member but focused in other ways. When her siblings were taken off on some special mission, she felt left out but soon enough, they came to have her help. Willingly she was taken to a camp in Austria. At the camp, she was setup in a special lab where they were going to help her be great and be made useful. She wanted to be a patriot so agreed. There was no addiction part to her trials. Immediately she was emrbaced by a vampire they had camptured, injected with his blood and allowed to feed. While her brother and sister were experiments in the effects, Bianca was the experiment in mass production. They needed vampire vitae..lots of it. Having converted her, she was put into a building called Number 11 'Elf' in German. It was a showers building linked then to one of the ovens. Chained in the building, the horrors of the camp became apparent. In their clensing, the Nazi's would send prisoners in and lock the doors. Bianca would feed, gorging on their blood then, chained up, be drained almost to empty. This would repeat day after day, the vitae collected in plans of making a vampire army.

When the Allies arrived, she was found along with many of the other victims of the concentration camp. Having not eaten for several days, she looked corpselike and emanciated like the others. Fitting in, at night, they were all taken by bus back west to be helped and reintegrated. Taking on the life of a Jewish girl, she survived for a while. Tales about her spread, but no one knew what the Horror in Building 11 looked like. Eventually, she met up with Victor VonEkla, a Dutchman who brought her over to the States. He would teach her about the Ordo Dracul and how to temper her hunger with the Coils of Blood. On arriving, she got involved with the Order in DC. Slowly working into the social struture, she would find it hard. At first, they wanted no one of her bloodline, worried she would drink all dry like she did in several towns in Europe. But VonEkla vouched for her, explaining how she could control it now. Over years, she became a regular, playing bands in many of DC's bars, at times for Congressmen and Judges even. Over time, she would end up in New York city, playing for opera houses or broadway in the orchestras. Every so often, she would loose her hunger for a few years, falling into torpor then awakening when found and making her way again.

Traveling to town as the bassist in a band, Bianca was reunited with her siblings. She stepped down from the band and has settled in Fallcoast. While not her first choice, she is making the best of it, finally with her twins again.

RP Hooks

o Vettel - German by birth, Vettel by grace of God. Her family is thicker than even blood.
o Musician - She excels in various instruments in mastery levels. She loves to play.
o Vampire - She is a member of the Ordo Dracul and interested in meeting all other sorts of nightdwellers.
o Harpy - She and her sister are both Harpies and would -love- to meet you.
o Shopping - How can one go wrong with shopping? Always looking to increase her wardrobe.
o Clubs - Bianca loves to hit the scene and moves through social events like a fish in water.


Christoph - Big brother. Disapproving but wants better for me. Wish I could see his roadmap.
Ilse - Other half of my brain, did we ever truly separate? Wont lose you again.

Neferet - Egyptian mystery but could be an ally
Mira - Bookworm extraordinaire!


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