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"Sex and Art are the same thing."
– Pablo Picasso

Full Name: Elizabeth Abernathy
Appears As: Betty
Apparent Age: Late twenties
Occupation: Artist/Model
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Changeling
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Treasured/Artist (Dual)
Court: Winter


Beautiful Tragedy - In This Moment

Sullen Girl - Fiona Apple


Betty came of age in Fallcoast in the 1920s, an artful child fascinated with silent movies, cartoons and the beauty of art. She went to Hollywood to chase dreams of being an animator and an artist, only to become an actress and a burlesque and a victim.

The Lascivious Gaze stole her, stole her and made her draw and made her wear her drawings, until she became one and the same with them, until her blood ran inky and her hair went to shading and her skin became parchment bone white. And she made of herself pretty things to keep him happy.

Then one day, another dark creature offered her escape, long as she vowed her devotion to the rain, and so she walked through the downpour, days and nights to freedom. Decades had passed, but her dreams remained the same. Now she walks in the Court of Winter, clutching tight her sorrow and making it into art, while always wondering when those eyes will fall upon her once more.

RP Hooks

Artist: Betty is first and foremost an artist and illustrator, working in pencil, ink and charcoal, with a splash of paint every now and then.
Changeling: Reborn due to the fell magics used upon her, she finds herself now a being of ink and paint, cel-shaded and unusual.
Abernathy: She's trying to find a place back with the family she left behind eighty years ago, feigning the part of a long lost cousin. The weird don't ask too many questions.
Winter: The Court of Sorrow and Betty holds hers close. While she can fake a smile with the best of them, her heart has long since grown cold.
Model: Betty does modelling work to supplement her income, even though she sometimes finds it painful. Her time with the Gaze has left her both addicted to the feeling of attention and terrifyingly uncomfortable with it. She struggles to balance who she is and who he made her to be.

I'm Just Drawn This Way

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