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“I feel like a ghost.”

– Bethany


xxxxxA young woman, a little 'touched' as it were. She seems to be an extremely talented dancer, but is often confused and doesn't seem to have a real job or anything. Ultimately, a bit of an enigma since she seems to be homeless, but also seems quite well cared for, intelligent, and not begging or anything.

RP Hooks
  • People Should RP With Me - well, naturally!
  • Dancing, madness, pretty things!
  • Ballet! Bethany's an amazing Ballerina.
  • Changeling stuff, of course! I'm even Courtless, that's like an instant hook.
  • Police sorts: Bethany's a known homeless sort, for all the mystery about her.
  • Homeless: Might have seen her about at a shelter or elsewhere.
  • Insanity: Beth's been committed a few times... Possible hook?


  • Madness - she did spend a couple weeks institutionalized after seemingly appearing from nowhere.
  • Lacy? - She also looks -just- like an infamous local ballerina from the local troupe did around 15 years before, until she had a rather spectacular breakdown, seemed to go insane, and died of an overdose in 2005. But she's young enough to be that woman's daughter.
  • Familiarity - Related to the above, she might look familiar to locals from the surrounding area and state who graduated around 2000 as well, or were at the Fallcoast University from 2000 to 2002 when the one who looked like her dropped out. This is especially true of any who were involved in dance related activities.

xxxxxBethany seems to be almost perpetually worried about other people's opinions, and afraid of their judgements, almost to the point of paranoia. It has the air of lack of self esteem more than judging them. Though beyond that she can be quite manic, while at still other points melancholic. What remains constant is she is very kind hearted, often a bit spacey, and naive.


xxxxxShe stands a few inches over five feet tall, and has an impishly graceful sort of bearing to her slender figure. Her hair is auburn colored and straight, falling to just around shoulder length. It is a bit tousled, as if in need of brushing, and her bangs hang long enough to be in her eyes much of the time if she hasn't pushed them aside. While the eyes? Her hazel colored eyes have a strange quality of their own, a wild glint in them, an energy that is hard to deny. Her high cheekbones and long, straight nose have the effect of her expression seeming impish even when she isn't grinning, and those rare occasions when she grins? The illusion is completed. Her complexion is extremely pale as well.


Bethany2.jpg Bethany3.jpg Bethany4.jpg Bethany5.jpg Bethany6.jpg Bethany7.jpg

Bethany Tremblay
Date of Birth: June 6
Apparent Age: Late teens, early 20s
Occupation: None
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Cowardice

Court: None
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Dancer/Moonborn
Motley: None
Keeper: Her Ladyship, the Glory of the Garden
Entitlement: None

Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor

The color of her eyes were the color of insanity. - Honestly, the entire song was the inspiration for the character.

Belly - Broken

Shake her 'til she sings...

Donna Burke - Wondering

Wondering just who I might be, who I was and will become?
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