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“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.”

– Bernard Williams


xxxxxBente Wagner grew up pretty much as anyone in the Wagners would. She was a little rough around the edges. It didn't help that her dad wanted a son. She quickly learned how to fix a car, to build a shed, and to be self-sufficient. What she didn't learn how to do was be pretty. It didn't much matter though. Her dad took her out to ARMA meetings and the local SCA gatherings and she got to beat up boys with a stick. /That/ was hilarious and satisfying even if it ensured that she didn't have a date to prom. She was that weird girl everyone called Bennie, even her dad.
xxxxxShe didn't pay any of it any mind. The cars and trees and.. things.. they were her friends. They weren't mean. They listened. And.. one day they talked back. It was the day that horrific thunderstorm took out power in town for like 8 hours and the hospital generators nearly failed. She was caught out in it on her way home from the local vocational school. The storm didn't bother her much. As she ran home, she found herself at home dashing through the muddied woods, running like a wolf, no cares.. just.. freedom. That's when the flash flood came. She ran for the nearest tree and climbed.. and climbed. and it went on forever.
xxxxxShe woke up in the tree the next day looking a right mess and only ten feet from the ground. Since then.. the world has been a different place. She took over her dad's shop a few years later with more confidence and is rapidly becoming known as a better mechanic than he was.

RP Hooks
  • Wagner Iron Works - Started as a marine dry dock, Bente has expanded it into a small scale iron works as well. The facility can service moderately sized yachts and fishing boats and she does ornamental iron work on the side. Special requests for the reenactment community and historical buffs are taken by commission.
  • SCA/ARMA - Do you like to beat things with sticks? This is how she lets off steam.
  • Woods - The call of the wild? Don't ask me to howl. See above.
  • Forge - She has one of these. Call it a hobby. She supports the local ARMA circuit with arms and armor.
  • Spirits - Yeah, so she talks to cars. Name a guy who doesn't. You don't call /him/ insane do you? <see beat things with sticks above>
  • Wagner - Yep, she's keeping it real for the working class.
  • Asatru - Do you believe in the Old Gods? Does Thor mean more to you than a movie? Maybe we have something in common.
  • Vár - Bente was consecrated to the goddess. Do you believe Oaths have power?
  • World view from her view - "I cherish creation and all that is within it. I want everything within it to reach it's potential. The way that it does in the Primal Wild. Then? There would be no room for Lies..."
  • Volunteer Firefighter - Service is Mastery, how do /you/ serve your community? Also, she's not afraid of fire.
  • First Talon - She worked hard. Was recognized. Rank sits oddly on her shoulders but the Adamant Sage has spoken. Such is her duty.
  • Arrow Councilor - She is now the Councilor to the Adamantine Arrows. Do you wish to serve?
  • Black Tower - Is it any surprise that she believes Oaths have the Power to bring platonic ideals of the Supernal to life in the Fallen?
The Valkyrie

xxxxxBente is known among the Awakened Nation as Kara, a name chosen from the Valkyrie. She scribed her name upon the Stone Book and her world changed forever. Her choice of the Adamantine Arrow was hardly surprising to many considering her background nor was her induction into her legacy, the Lords of the Inanimate. While the latter took her away from Fallcoast for a lengthy apprenticeship, she knew she would return and did so wiser for the experience. Now, she's looking to settle in and see what the future holds.

The Living
  • Valkyrja - A fellow smith and yet hangs with those who defile the dead. I don't get it. Never will. But I hope we can still be friends.
  • Blades - Wow. Just.. wow. This boy needs to get laid. Bad.
  • Bits - She has a passion for the Art. Let's hope we can get this off the ground.
  • Henry Webb - For a proximus, this one is going to be handy.
  • Piper - Go dumb luck. She's got a good head on her, likes blades, and well.. here's crossing the fingers.
  • Knight - Well, take 2 right? Crafter. Real quiet. Rich. Here's to crossing the fingers.
  • Elegy - I won't forget your trust. If you need me, I'm there for you girl.
  • Enki - Thyrsus. All else is out for debate.
  • Cassiopeia - An active member of the Council? What!? This happens!?
  • Hoyt - Banana hammock. Enough said.
  • Storm - Showed up when called. Here's to crossing the fingers.
  • Element - Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
  • Smolder - Showed up when called. Here's to crossing the fingers.
The Wagners
  • Kyrie - Holy crap! You're back!
  • Kira - Bubbles!
  • Jill - My favorite cousin. Also partner in crime. Fear.
  • Runa - The prodigal daughter returned? Not mine. Someone else's. She's just kinda out there.
  • Amund - Cousin? Not old or related enough to be uncle but family in a clan way. Good ole hearty sailor. Good customer.
  • Helga - Harbor cop. Cousin. Knows what honor and service mean.
The Departed
  • Yngvar - Bokor. Doesn't get why undead bother me. Never will. Goodbye!
  • Yamakala - I miss our little talks.
  • Nixie - What. The hell. For a Smith, she's out there. And it wasn't meant to be...
  • Razor - Where'd you go girl? If I drove you off I'm going to be pissed... at myself.
  • Object - Ciao?

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Bente Ingrid Wagner
Played By: Katheryn Winnick
Date of Birth: March 21, 1987
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Blacksmith
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Wrath
Family: Wagner

Order: Adamantine Arrow
Camp: The Black Tower
Path: Thyrsus
Legacy: Lords of the Inanimate
Cabal: Skunk Works
Shadowname: Kara

Evanescence - Bring Me to Life Awakening
Adele - Skyfall The Adamantine Arrow forms from the Ungula Draconis after the fall of Atlantis.
Owl City - Fireflies Life as a Thyrsus. Imagine Dragons - Warriors What it means to be a Valkyrie. Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire Putting out fires, one day at a time. Blacksmith.jpg

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