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Benjamin Bright

'Crazy' is a term of art;

'Insane' is a term of law.

Remember that, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

- Hunter S. Thompson

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The Downward Spiral

xxxxxBenjamin hails from Victorian England. His Sire is unknown and, up until recently, he was a ward of London's Ventrue, living in New York. He's been sent around a bit. He's rumored to be something of a troublemaker and no one wants to deal with him. Although he's never broken any Kindred rules outright, he's landed himself in the hotseat, in both Kindred and mortal society, more than a few times. Thankfully, he's as good as getting himself out of trouble as he is getting himself into it. The Ventrue of London were happy to pawn him off and New York, and the Ventrue of New York are just as happy to send him off to Fallcoast.

xxxxxOther than that, and to those who still breathe, he's just a really charming fellow.

Into Madness
  • Vampire

He is one. He's active in Kindred society, so if you suck blood, he'd love to meet you. He also enjoys sucking blood, so if you have blood, he'd be interested in sucking some of it.

  • Ventrue

If he has a Bloodline, it's unknown. He's interested in getting to know the local Ventrue, who may or may not have heard of him from the Ventrue of London or New York. He's also very interested in diving into local politics.

  • The Chorus

He's a member of the Chorus, a probationary potential of the Circle of the Crone. He is learning their ways and after a century and a half might have finally found his true calling. He's looking to meet more Crones, and also listening to what others have to say about them.

  • Sweet Talker

He's a charming fellow, and he likes to mingle. He's often found out and about, and always willing to meet new people. He has a unique way with words, and his deep voice has an unforgettable mesmerizing quality to it.

  • Institutional

He refuses to acknowledge his past, but it hasn't just gone away. He's been in and out of a variety of mental institutions and prisons, both as a mortal and as a dead guy. In London until the 1920s, and then in New York until recently. Wherever he ends up, he always manages to get out. With a lot of research (and maybe some magical powers), it might be possible to connect him to his past.

  • Blood

He really loves the stuff, moreso even than most vampires. He likes to see it, to touch it, to roll around in it. This could lead to potential problems with the law. If you're law-enforcement, or even just nosy, or if you'd like to be a witness or a victim, hit me up.

  • Condition

He has a slight mental condition (see above). He could really use a good head doctor to help him sort it out.

  • Butterfly Wings

Don't go chasing butterflies.

Angels and Demons

Red - Daughter of the Steady Hand. Dark Calligraphy.
Mallory - Daughter of Helen. Sashaying Poppy.
Elizabet - Mistress of Contradictions (definitely not Spring Blossom).
Fen - Silken Siren. Not so merry Maiden.
Charlize - Little Red Riding Wolf.
Lubomir - Son of Blood. He of the Wild Hair.
Lazarus - Ghost of the Hall. Pale Philosopher.
Lei - Little Fire. Ferocious Hummingbird.
Conlan - Bluejay. Man of Many Questions.
Jenny - Bluejay. She of the Questioning Eye.
Renske - Little Moth. Unseeing Dancer.
Nobody - Daughter of Moonlight. Playground Purveyor. Caterpillar.
Leslie - Angel of the Harp. Devil of the Harp.
Ting - Child of Savage Etiquette.
Georgie - Young Owl. Seeker of Solutions.
Harvey - Firefly. Son of Science.

The Master Plan
  • Act 1

To The Forgotten Mistress,

xxxxxYour thread is cut, but it holds still. You play a part in this many-colored tapestry. You are the reason I am there and you are not. Let me tell you, Forgotten Mistress, what you are missing.

xxxxxMy life is a butterfly. Family? Friends? They are left behind as I chrysalis, they are long dead, only the sprouts from their rotting seeds still growing. I might have mown the lawn, but you held the light up. Here and gone, so quickly, but the teaching of the teacher remains, the blood that swirls and enlightens. I have left on many quests, and returned many times, but now I go again. To the land of falling coasts, and to the chaos you desired.

xxxxxYou will not hear the sing of my song for awhile. When you do, you will be unable to ignore it.

xxxxxxxxxxYour Bent Knight,


  • Act 2

To the Forgotten Mistress,

xxxxxYou would believe the things I have seen. The butterflies are swarming, weaving like spiders and stinging like wasps. Every action has a reaction, but like moths they are blinded by their vision.

xxxxxI have decided that I am too long alone and so I have found others who feel the beating of the one true rythym, who feel it's soft vibration in the blood. They might teach me their ways, so that I may chrysalis once more.

xxxxxI have met others, as well. Those that can start fires, those that can fuel them, and most recently those in charge with putting them out. None of them realize that they're all already connected. They will though, Forgotten Mistress. It is my tribute to you.

xxxxxxxxxxYour Bent Knight,


  • Note: Artwork is not mine and can be found here.