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"The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by."
― Felix Adler
"A hero holds purposes appropriate to man and is, therefore, a thinker."
― Andrew Bernstein
Basilio is an inspiring figure. He has bright eyes a warms smile and a powerful build that shows he keeps himself in shape. He has a pale tan skin tone that does not see to darken. His hair is medium length all around while somewhat curly. He has well trimmed facial hair as well. There is a strange air about the an that causes most feel to safe or to trust him. He tends to have a grin or a smile on his face.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
Gatekeeper (Sin-Eater)
Basillio believes strongly that the dead and the living should not interfere with each other and attempts stops this whenever he finds out about it
Charity (Anyone)

Basilio is well known for going to charity events to help a great many different charities. Though he seems to favor those that help out children.

Football! (Anyone)
Basilio use to be a tight end for the Georgia Bulldogs when he was in school. There was hope for him going pro but that all changed in 2009.
Basilio was said to have almost died in 2009 while helping a boy that got stuck during the floods. He jumped into the water without a thought to save the boy.
From his car, to his clothes to the watch on his wrist. Everything is high end that Basilio wears. Though he does not seems to make an issue of these things.

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 xxxxxAllies, Cohorts, Family, & Friends

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Archetype Gatekeeper
Threshold Forgotten
Geist Jehoel
Krewe Enlightened Bulwark
Date of Birth/App Age: August 20th 1988/27
Height/Weight/Build: 6'2"/210/Athletic
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride
Occupation: None
Played By: Cole Monahan
Hollywood Undead- Rain
I can feel the pain in the words that you say
Hidden in the letters that were written to no name
Let me be the hands that you hold to your face
Cause I'd give it all up if I could take it away
Freedom Call - Warriors of Light
At night, high up in the heavens we fight
Faster than lightning we strike
Like fires that rip through the night
Surrounded by light
Raging thunder in the skies
Time has come to sacrifice
The Brothers Bright - Me and Mine
”I will burn your kingdom down”
”If you try to conquer me and mine”
Two Steps From Hell - Birth of a Hero