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Father Basil


The Man

False Name - Andreas Rivers
Occupation - Owner of a funeral home
DoB - 11th of April 1809
Apparent Age - Early 60's
Virtue - Faith
Vice - Sloth

The Blood

Name - Father Basil
Clan - Mekhet
Bloodline - Osites
Covenant - Lancea Sanctum
Creed - Monachal
Faction - Unifiers


Basil is an about 200 year old Sanctified vampire that's recently reloacted to fallcoast, on his sire's orders, in order to study the strange town and all the death that transpires there. He has a well-established mortal identity, Andreas Rivers, and through it he has opened up a funeral home to help him in his endeavours. He and his vampiric family are actively seeking more knowledge and power concerning the realm of death, as they are trying to orchestrate their own perfect demise so that they can leave the mortal world and ascend into angelic forms.

Personality-wise Basil usually comes off as dry and kinda stiff, fitting for a scholar of the dead, although he also has a paternal bent. He usually dresses in simple clothing but can put on something formal if the occasion requires.


Nave Artifical - Lucifer's Fall
In the sacred dwelling of God
You were the guardian of Heaven
The Prince of all angels, the bearer of light
In the path of Fiery Stones
You became a creature of supreme perfection
God's most beautiful angel...

But you said in your heart,
"I will raise my throne above the stars of the Creator. I will make myself like the Most High."

And then the fifth angel blew his trumpet
And all the celestial powers trembled
When they felt the wrath of God.
Legions of angels came to the call of the Lord
Legions of angels fought in a war in Heaven...

And that is how Lucifer fell
From the skies to the darkest depths of the world
There was no forgiveness for the Fallen Angel.


Dead People x3 - He's a vampire, although he's not super interested in the Danse Macabre, certain things can't be overlooked. He's also into real into ghosts, seeking them out and trying to find out as much as possible about them. Lastly he's also really into regular, non-animated corpses. Not that way. He's especially interested in the remains of 'holy' people, priests, saints, stigmaticas, and the like.

Funeral Home - He owns the Final Dawn Funerary Home. He doesn't really 'work' there, he has staff for that, but it's his main source of income and corpses, if anything were to happen to it he would definitely suffer.

Free Masons - Master Mason of the local Lodge, Sovereign Grand Inspector General and active member of the Supreme Council of the Northern Jurisdiction, Basil has his fingers deep into the Masonic pie. This has him rubbing elbows with some powerful people from time to time, and it's an influence he's not afraid to use.

Sanctified - A strong adherent to the Sanctified faith, although also a secret heretic (see below). He's a Unifier, meaning he just everyone within the Covenant to get along. This extends to Kindred outside the Covenant as well, he does not intend to burn any Acolytes or Dragons just because they differ in their theological outlook. As long as the rest of the Damned upholds the three traditions, he accepts their existence, and would welcome a chance for a theological debate with someone of a different perspective.

Ancient Lore - He's always looking for it. Got a lead on were we could find a few books that weren't include in the standard bible? Maybe you have a suspected location for the Necronomicon? Anything pertaining to necromancy or abrahamic mythology intrests him.

Heretical Plans - Basil, his Sire Angelica and his two vampiric siblings have plans that wouldn't please Sanctified at large if they were to become known.


Yourname - TBA


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