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The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
Edgar Allan Poe

We do! That's who, motherfucker!

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xxxxxBefore 2012, Billy Stone was a name known mostly only to street criminals and cops in Fallcoast, if that. A gangster with the Southside Kings since he was sixteen, he's been in and out of jail and prison since on various degrees of violent crimes, but overall was a pretty minor player in the criminal scene of the region. In 2012 however, there was a brutal murder-by-axe of the leader of a biker club known to be in conflict with the Kings, and the police linked Stone to the killing.
xxxxxAn APB was put out on him and, in the course of his arrest by a K-9 unit that got to him first, the struggle with the police dog severed an artery in Stone's arm and he bled out very nearly to death. Some called the survival miraculous even and it stirred up a lot of complaints of police brutality and K-9 unit procedure when the video of the takedown and arrest went viral, but no one really questioned that Billy had probably done the deed. Once he healed up, he was put on trial for first degree murder and plead innocent.
xxxxxThe trial was an ongoing rollercoaster of entertainment that catapulted the gangster into local, and even some national, notoriety under the name "Bad Billy Stone". Particularly noteworthy was his persistent smirking presence and unwavering lack of regret throughout the process. Everyone still thought he was going down for the killing though, until irregularities in the evidence turned up and a mistrial was ultimately declared. A man who walked on a murder rap for technicalities, he's understandably not the favorite son of the city, but he's certainly notorious. After his release, the cops obviously took a particular interest in his activities, but never managed to pin anything on him until they got him, of all things, on a minor possession charge in 2014, sending him away for a year, of which he served 10 months, getting released early on good behavior in August of 2015.

xxxxxTo the Bound, Bad Billy Stone started off his post-death existence with a bang, bringing a lot of attention down on his head for murder that any Reaper would have been proud of, doubly so since he wasn't Bound when he committed it. After he walked on the murder charge (possibly with some help from fellow Sin-Eaters in that regard), it was the Reaper way that drew him and his beastly geist while he tended to his Southside Kings affairs through all the police attention. He fell in with the Society of Crows fairly quickly after learning the ropes initially, recognizing it was good to have support of his fellows, not to mention the others to help teach him how to handle the formidable task of reigning in the urges of the monstrous Geist he made his Bargain with. His recent ten month stint in the state prison is said to have had some eventful occurrences on the ghostly side, with talk of a mad geist run amok inciting the ghosts of the prison to attack the inmates and guards alike until the resident Sin-Eaters, again guard and prisoner alike, banded together to put the geist down. It was a turning point for Stone. One that made him question whether there was more to being a Sin-Eater than just a second chance at life and the power to kill the people needing killing. A duty maybe to do more with policing that line between life and death. He's not quite sure he'd call himself a Gatekeeper in truth yet, but he isn't fully on the Reaper path anymore either.

RP Hooks
  • Notorious: Nothing like skating on a first degree murder charge everyone was sure you committed (see the overview above) to get you some attention. Unfortunately, a lot of it isn't very good attention, especially from the cops. You a member of the law or know him from TV?
  • Southside Kings: He was a runner and lookout for the Kings when he was twelve, jumped in fully as a T.G. when he was sixteen, and has been breaking heads and taking names for the gang ever since, even when that's put him behind bars. An O.G. at just 28, and one of the most notorious public faces of the gang since his 2012 murder trial, some consider him a liability, others something to look up to. Know him from the streets?
  • Local: He's a Fallcoast native and been here all his life (when he wasn't in the state pen at least). He grew up alternating between Fallcoast and Hanging Hills til he dropped out at sixteen and went full gangster. Know him from around here?
  • Skinner Family: His mother was a sixteen year old white trash cliche with the last name Skinner who got knocked up by a no-good petty criminal boyfriend and she always ran back to the family when the many, many splits happened. Stone's never been that in deep with family, but he's on good terms with a lot of them and been to more than a few get-togethers. Know him from family reunions?
  • Prison: He served a six month stretch for assault in early 2006 after turning 18, a full nickel for aggravated assault 2007-2012, had his famous murder trial in late 2012, and is just coming off a one year possession charge. Needless to say, he's spent a good chunk of his adult life behind bars and made some friends inside along the way. Know him from the pen?
  • Fighting: Being a gangster enforcer, it's little surprise that Stone likes a good tumble. Admittedly he's better breaking kneecaps and axing people than he is in a grapple, but didn't stop him from entering an occasional underground boxing match. Ever seen him fight or got in a tangle with him?
  • Animals: Stone's always had a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. He usually has a whole little pack of rescues going, many former violent sorts taken from dog-fighting rings he stomped out. He also has a history of training guard dogs for the Southside Kings and occasionally has hired out his time training animals for others. Know him from dog parks or kennels?
  • Sin-Eater: Dead and Bound since 2012 when he got an artery torn by a police dog whilst resisting arrest. You a fellow on the path or something creepier?
  • Society of Crows: He joined the Crows in early 2013 and while he's not been that deeply involved, he's definitely got some loyalty and friendship there. You a fellow Crow or looking for krewe?
  • Tier: I'm currently a Tier for the geist sphere and hope to help run things for people. Specifically, I'll be mostly focused on ghost and Underworld scenes, with some crime/gang stuff on the side. Potentially anything Geist, Changeling, Werewolf, Mage, Mortal, or Immortal is doable if stuff needs run and I'm available. Just poke at me and let me know if you have an idea or need.

xxxxxHuge, tattooed, scarred, and hard-muscled. It's a combination that isn't exactly prone to putting most at ease. When it belongs to a face most people in Fallcoast think of as belonging to a murderer, it's downright likely to make someone nervous. Bad Billy Stone, the Southside Kings gangster who got away with murder in 2012 is six foot, seven inches, 200+ pounds of lightly-tanned and heavily-inked muscle, built like a warrior of old, but with the sensibilities of the modern street. Elaborate ink crawls up both arms, his entire back, part of his chest, and up the left side of his neck, often shown off by the clothing he chooses. Clothing that usually has some element of purple and gold to it of the gang's colors. His sun-bleached brown hair is worn in rough shoulder-length dreadlocks, framing a face of hard angles and brooding planes, intense silver-blue eyes his most striking feature.

Notable: Striking Looks (Bad Boy) 1, Fame 1, Notoriety Flaw

The Beastly Headsman
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Stone keystone.jpg
A very old and notorious geist that has been around since medieval times and is archetypal of the role of monstrous executioner and death by savagery. It takes the form of a tremendously huge and muscular humanoid figure wearing a classic black executioner's hood over a bestially-warped head with a ghoulish maw of sharp teeth, its bare torso covered in scars and ragged bleeding wounds like one might receive being mauled by animals. It doesn't speak so much as grunt, snarl, and radiate palpable hatred for those it feels are deserving of the headsman's axe and its craving for human meat has at times been overwhelming to its Bound hosts.

In truth, the Headsman was once a mute medieval torturer and executioner who was as fond of cutting them into pieces with his great axe and eating bits of them as way of making them talk as he was of turning his abused hounds on them to finish them off. That is, until the day one of those hounds tore out his throat defending itself from his drunken 'training' (read: terrorizing). He came back as a being incarnating death by savagery and seems to love nothing more than pushing Sin-Eaters to greater and greater violence and even canibalism, in the name of 'punishing the wicked', though just about everyone but children get deemed 'wicked' by it.

Stone's interaction with it has been strained at times and great at others, just depending on how much he resists it's dark whims. He's done things he wouldn't have expected of himself for it, but also stopped it from some of the worst things.

Drowning Pool, Bodies Joan Jett, Bad Reputation
Imagine Dragons, Radioactive Switchfoot, Afterlife
Three Days Grace, Time of Dying Linkin Park, Burn It Down
Volbeat, A Warrior's Call Linkin Park, In My Remains
Disturbed, Indestructible Disturbed, I'm Alive
Delta Rae, Bottom of the River Delta Rae, Dance In The Graveyards
Two Steps from Hell, Heart of Courage Two Steps from Hell, Black Blade
Howard Shore, LotR The Land Of Shadow Howard Shore, LotR Twilight and Shadow
Game of Thrones OST, The Night's Watch Game of Thrones OST, Stand And Fight
A good operator to know. Interesting to see how times have changed him.
Patched me up too many times. Solid O.G. though.
Dude's got style, no question.
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Dunno if she knows her shit, but she certainly knows how to work it
New blood. Feisty little fucker, but may be worth somethin'
God damn I've been in prison too long
I'm tellin' ya. Redheads. They're like crack to me.
The cuz with the hook-up
Always hoped he wouldn't go bacon. Good guy still and fellow crow though
Least I get some eye candy to go with my hassling by this one
I love makin' a good first impression
Bad Billy Stone
Played By Robbie Gambrell
Date of Birth October 31, 1987
Apparent Age Late Twenties
Occupation Gangster Enforcer
Virtue Payback
Vice Women
Gang Southside Kings (••)
Family Skinner (•)
Date of Death August 15, 2012
Threshold Prey
Archetype Gatekeeper (Former Reaper)
Geist The Beastly Headsman
Krewe Society of Crows
  • (2015.08.06)
Junkyard Dogs
  • (2018.02.24)
The Tall Men Return
  • (2018.03.02)
Chinese Takeaway