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B02 - Historical District - Fallcoast


Fallcoast's historical district is centered around the Thomas M. J. Caldwell Municipal Building, a large brick building which has been expanded from its humble brick beginnings to an edifice that houses the local government and city police department/dispatch. The parking garage for the police vehicles is an incongrous chunk of concrete in the midst of block upon block of brick buildings, cobblestone and brick streets, and stone-block houses converted into museums, law firms, doctor's offices, and other high-end shops and offices.

Around the outside of the historical district, newer high-end buildings, some as tall as fifteen to twenty stories, form a cluster of glass and steel that house the businesses which form the upper end of Fallcoast's economic heart. Coffee shops and high-end dining are mixed in with boutiques and theatres; the further from cobblestones one goes, the cheaper the fare. Food trucks are a common sight here during business hours, and again in the evening. To the east, the entertainment district and boardwalk stand between this district in the ocean; to the south, lower-end residential areas sprawl dingily, and to the north, less-affluent businesses and apartment buildings are clustered. Off to the west, the cobblestones and brick streets continue as the historical district becomes University City. The entire area is well-lit and well-patrolled at all times; there is foot traffic at almost all hours.

Places of Note

Build Guide

Businesses, apartments and entertainment may be linked here.

  • Appropriate locations: High-end law firms, apartment buildings, realtors, high-end industry buildings used as a cover for supernatural organizations (e.g. financial firms, newspapers), high-end entertainment, shops of business-district quality. Museums and tourist services.
  • Not appropriate: stand-alone homes, mansions, nature builds, red-light/seedy builds, low-end dining, large areas of open space.

Resource level: 3+.