Avery Thorpe

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Avery Thorpe

"I spent my life becoming invisible. It’s hard to maintain and it’s hard to get by. I don’t recall, fight or flight setting in. I had no introduction, I just breathe it in like the air

And there’s nothing to remember. There is nothing to remember"

Neco Case, Nothing to Remember

Age: 26
Apparent Age: Late teens, early twenties.
Occupation: Waitress
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Addictive Personality

Sphere: Changeling
Kith: Bright One/Di-Cang
Court spring.png

Local/thorpe: Avery's father is a noted astronomer in the area and she lived her whole life here prior to being taken just after high school. She is also a Thorpe!

Abducted: She was taken Jack o'the Green and escaped later than her friends.

Jewelry: In her durance she was little more than a jewel, something to be looked at with no other purpose. She learned to use that quality to protect some of the others drawing eyes to her and buffering harm.

The Outdoors: Avery has a love for starlight. She often takes advantage of observing the heavens.


My Motley

  • Charlie - Strong, and protective, with just a dash of trouble.
  • Veronica - Sweet, and loving. My balm against the world.

The Rest

  • Tristan - My big brother. I love you so much.
  • Theo - My bigger brother. We were rocky but maybe you really have changed.
  • Kouri - How you've turned my world you precious thing.
  • Mirabella - Such a heavenly creature. I adore you.
  • Sloan - Strong and silent. I love watching the stars with you.