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“Nevertheless, life and death are mysterious states, and we know little of the resources of either.”
Sheridan Le Fanu

Date of Birth: December 29th, 1969
Birthplace: Bellmead, Texas
Apparent Age: Oddly Bereft of Crow's-Feets
Occupation: Caretaker, Night Watchman
Concept: Lone Star Princess
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Wrath

Sphere: Vampire

Bloodline: Sons of Cade
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Ordo Dracul

A strange relic of a different place by manner and might, Avata's drawl betrays little of the unorthodoxy of her upbringing save for locale. Here she is, this wildflower of the secessionist Cadian underground, and so slight she is and so keen she looks, working at her research in the most isolated of bunkers. A tenderness in her rural malice.

Mr. Amadeus: You've my respect, my appreciation.
Masonl: Fuck you, damnt kin. We're square.
Dr. Wickham: Kit, I do trust mighty folk; you've got it.
Miz Abategiovanni: You know that beck 'n call, I like it.
Miz Mina Sunuvva: I don't get why you ain't just quit.
Miss Abernathy: You've got style, you've got class, you're a keen thing...
Ashlyn: Lonely lil'un bramble, a good spar. Don't be no stranger, now.
Mr. LaSalle: I wanna see where the Ordo can take me, I wanna learn all I can do.
Bianca: You give me the feelin'uh bein' clean again. I feel kinda whole 'round you.

No Gods, No Masters: Her post-Cause years were spent problem-solving various local and state crises along the southeast for those that platformed her radical American values, irrespective to party line. Unfortunately this Love unto My Country is exactly what has gotten her so in hot water: her savvy has made for some questionable bedfellows and even worse enmenites, complicated by her unwillingness to pledge allegience to anyone save for her Lone Star home. Steadfast convictions make for even faster tempers when unjustly challenged.

Commie Scum: Although theoretically her level of constitutional patriotism would compliment the reformist Carthians, such is not the case. They don't like her for reasons more than a stalwart ideology, and she doesn't like vampires "mixin' mouthwash 'n bleach shots of their self-centerin', catty-wompus, yella-bellied damnt-futile idealisms". She's forged functional acquaintanceships with the movement in Fallcoast thus far, but whether a truce is reached and her trust and respect is earned remains to be seen.

Badlands: Her high-level politicking and big city dalliances never quite prepared her for the post of humble steward for Pigeon Hill's much-neglected urban greenspace. Rumour has it the position was a much-begrudged request from City Hall after the district's sole courier was spotted tucking a lottery ticket and condolences card into the binding of a much-tattered copy of the Fallcost Parks & Recreational Department employee handbook, delivered as part of her hiring package. The comparative subtlety of the job has grown on her, however. Ever the Ventrue, she possesses a vexing affection for the Kindred's own brand of land-based feudalism; the park is a perfect base to from which to serve and protect her Domain's Masquerade, as well as monitor the Bone Bowl, an elysium located underneath (and, notably, only accessible through) her territory.

Joan D'Axe: Avata occupies a currently unique position within her Covenant. Not only is she seeking initiation to the Ordo's defensive arm in the Axe-Sworn, she's also a a member of a secretive cross-covenant faction known simply as the Impaled. Her study of the beast and the nature of the Curse take place on the outermost edges of pain, typically on the edge of all matter of sharp, scary, and pointy things.

Night Kitchen: In contrast to the relative cloister of her fellow Kindred, Avata it seems has been making an effort recently to get out and about among her Domain's homeless and disadvantaged, hosting a Soup Kitchen at Pigeon Hill Presbyterian every couple Thursday nights in the winter and at her city park in fairer weather. The food is classic Texan cuisine with what seems to be no serving of mortal captive for her on the side—is this genuine goodwill on her part, or does she have greater designs?

Carmilla: Despite that most would see the contrarianism in being openly homosexual and a radical patriot, Ava is not bothered in the least. She wants what she wants and what she wants is the raw female body. Whether she has the emotional maturity to function in a relationship is another thing entirely, as every tryst she's had seems to either start as a doomed senatorial affair or a toxic bond ending ultimately in dysfunction; the vampyric trope of flighty, tribadist seductress is relevant.

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