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“When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions.” - Jane Harrington

RP Hooks

  • Local: Born and raised among the other Skinners.
  • Skinners: She's one of those "garbage people". But, she's rather proud of it.
  • Siblings: She has several brothers and sisters. Jameson and Kane included
  • Wolfblood: Avalon is a wolfblood Iron Masters
  • Psychic: She has some skills about her, mostly healing.
  • Cars!: She loves cars and even drag races her baby from time to time!
  • Job!: She is also a waitress, perhaps you would like to come and bug her at work.
  • Animal Whisperer: She seems to have a way with all types of animals!
  • Addiction: She has a little bit of a coke problem. But she is trying to get clean.
  • Under Age Drinking: Are you one of those who who use to help her supply this habit?
  • Underground Street Racing League: Perhaps you have raced against her there or are wanting to?
  • Closet Nerd: She loves classic sci-fi, video games and comics. Who knew even pretty girls like dorky things?
  • Narcotics Anonymous: Maybe you have seen her at the meetings?



  • Big Bro/Fellow Gear-head - I love you so much my dear big brother, thick as thieves when it comes to cars! I really hope you come back to town soon.
  • Best Cuz Ever! - One of my favorite cousins, we did sooo much blow together! And she teaches me how to use guns. What isn't there to love?
  • Big Bro/Ex-Dealer - I love you so much my fellow psychic big brother, keep me close. I'm trying to get clean... no more powder for me dear brother.
  • My Mate - My Heart, My Love, My Everything. I don't care what they say I am yours!
  • Fellow Party Girl - I am so glad I ran into you again. I owe you lunch one more time, you know I like to spoil you sometimes. Remember it's not a party until we go home in only 'togas'
  • Sweetheart! - We had our fun and I am glad I know you will always be there for me.
  • Handsome Doctor - I enjoy our late night conversations over a bottle. Your brain is wonderful to pick.
  • Ex Sugar Daddy - I LOVE your Audi R8 so much and the fact you let me drive it so fast and the blow is so primo! So I must stay away.
  • Boss Man!! - I love working at your diner, such colorful customers!
  • Beta - Kharn's Beta and very polite and informative. I look forward to speaking with you again.
  • Like Seriously? - Yeah you have a bit of a mouth but why do you encourage that asshole?
  • Asshole! - Keep you and your assumptions about my sex life the fuck away from me you drunked jackass!
  • Handsome Alpha - You impress me so much. You have my utmost respect and I am more curious about you now than ever before. Most awesome beard ever!
  • Stella Bestower! - The Stella you brought was amazing and I like your jokes. Also thank you for your supporting words!
  • Quiet Observer - You are very quiet but you seem so very nice.
  • Dense Cutie - Well you were intriguing to me but I am over that now.
  • Srsly Bitch? - You didn't have to call me out like that, could have injured the poor man!
  • Friendly Cop - I better not get on this women's bad side.
  • The Coward - I wouldn't trust you if you were the last man on earth.
  • Hunky Cop - I kinda like your accent. And a rather handsome officer. I hope it is you pulling me over for speeding and not someone else. I mean you wouldn't ticket a fellow blooded who is dating a fellow officer would you?
  • Reverse Houdini - You totally bought me the most amazing Deadpool figurine ever for the tour of the town! Thank you!!

Musical Inspiration

  • (Songs Updating Constantly Stay Tuned)


Avalon Skinner
Date of Birth: August 3rd 1997
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Occupation: Drag Racer/Waitress
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust
Tribe: Iron Masters
Status: Off The Market :)


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