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“And I did the deed that was to seal my fate,
In the background I could hear Satan's laughter,
And I knew deep down inside that hell awaits.”
The Heavy Horses - Hell Awaits

xxxxx "I can't say I really had a rough life. Other kids were concerned about taking girls home to their parents because of what their home life was like. Me? I was always afraid my mom would try and give my girlfriend a palm reading for a twenty. It's a different kind of feeling when everything around you is a fake. My parents, my brother, my sister. Every one of them was in on it; every one of them but me."

xxxxx "I didn't know it, but going to school - as far away from my family as I could manage it and still be in the same country - was searching for something real. Something tangible, and concrete, something that was based in science and technology and elemental particles of the universe. Because I could understand those. I can show you an atom. I can draw you a quark. But that, too, felt a little hollow. It wasn't until I joined the Academy that I felt like I was doing something. Had a brotherhood, a camaraderie that I'd always been lacking with my family."

xxxxx "I know better than most, though. Nothing lasts forever. I'll never forget the sound of the shots that night. I've heard shots before. At the range, in the distance. But there's something different when they have an intent to take a life. Something sinister. I signed my name in the blood of an innocent because I didn't have the power to stop it. And I can't shake the feeling that all of my life was meant to lead here - the presence of charlatans, the study of reality, the feeling of brotherhood, and finally, the inescapable powerlessness of mortality."

xxxxx "I can't change the past. But I can change the future."

xxxxx - August Forsythe

August's Keywords: Intense, Broken, Avoidant

RP Hooks

General Roleplay Hooks

  • West-Coaster: He's from Portland, Oregon and hasn't been in Fallcoast that long at all.
  • Polizei: He transferred from Portland Police Department into the Fallcoast Police Department as a patrol officer.
  • Race Enthusiast: August likes cars, and August likes to race cars. Fancy a spin around the block?
  • Fallcoast Motorway: Word is August is trying to get some angel investors to get a track built.
  • Bald: And bringing sexy back.

Specific Roleplay Hooks

  • Ars Nova: August is a student and believer in the Ars Nova - the magic of the modern age. He often eschews the more traditional magical trappings for more technologically-based magic.
  • Censor: Having seen the dangers that half-knowledge and assumptions can wreak on innocents, August is a guardian of that knowledge, keeping it out of the hands of those who would use the Mysteries for ill.
  • Astral Wanderer: The border between sanity and reality is mighty slim, sometimes.
  • Magical Theorist: August often works on alternative magical theories, looking for ways to help Sleepers Awaken.


Mysterium Mages:

  • Aaron Monroe: None Yet - Councilor - we think a lot alike. Wish he was a Censor.
  • Enki: None Yet - Daduchos - Laid back, relaxed, yet somehow seems to get everyone pointed in the right direction. Amazing.
  • Elle: None Yet - Daduchos - Quite, reserved, and I think more than a little political.
  • Pixel: None Yet - Neokoros Inferior - A convert from the FC. For some reason though, I kinda like her.

Other Mages:

  • Element: None Yet - Guanxi. She seems alright, though I suspect impulsive.
  • Bente: The Viking - Haven't talked to her much. But anyone that walks into a room in chain mail is pretty badass.

Police, Firefighters and First Responders:

  • Jackson Wilkes: Jacks - Partner. Werewolf. Friend. Glad he's got my back.
  • Harrison: The Old Man - Rumor has it he he knows more about the occult than some mages do. Hard as nails.
  • Katherine: Trouble in Heels - Smart, sexy, looks better than me in a dress. Criteria fulfilled.
August Michael Forsythe


Played By: Jake Gyllenhaal

Apparent Age: Mid-30s
Height: 5'8"
Hair/Eyes: Bald/Brown

Date of Birth: April 4, 1981
Occupation: Police Officer
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Sloth

Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Faction: Censor
Cabal: None
Legacy: Celestial Masters