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Fullname: Aubrey Catherine Süskind
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Academic/Theologian
Sphere: Perfectly Human

Just another guarded, uncertain girl making her way through life. Coffee helps, but wine makes things easier. She doesn't smile much, and spends a lot of time with that rosary. What's she doing here, anyway? Checking out the university? Considering a nunnery? Girl talks a lot of academic-speak, but probably needs to win some grant money or something. Everyone's gotta eat.

* Innocent Bystander:
She's one of the masses; a simple Mortal. Need a witness? Aubrey can handle it. Probably.

* Academia:
Involved with the University? Aubrey could be interested in opportunities for research assistants.

* Super Catholic:
Aubrey isn't just Catholic, she's super Catholic. Like... Crazily Catholic. Ave Maria!

* Folk Magic:
Castin' Braucherei in the a.m., dabblin' with Hexerei in the p.m., Aubrey is the littlest witch.

* Sordid Past:
What? No way. Miss Süskind is a saint.


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