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“Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live."

xxxxx~ Abercrombie & Fitch


Name Anastasia Kolpakova
Sphere Mortal
Occupation Vintage Clothier/Tailor

DoB 29th December, 1994
Apparent Age Early 20's

Virtue Hope
Vice Pride


Waltz: Sleeping Beauty Op 66 - Tchaikovsky

Waltz: The Nutcracker Suite - Tchaikovsky

Beneath You're Beautiful - Labrinth

Light My Fire - Will Young

Dream a Little Dream of Me - Beautiful South

Free - Lighthouse Family

Beaded Bracelet
(Battery of Will, Giver of Breath, Never Surprised)

  • Classical Ballet
    Asia grew up in and around the Bolshoi Ballet and studied there until she was fifteen. Interested in dance? Asia could probably fill an hour or two with enthusiastic conversation.
  • Classical Music
    With so much of her formative years being spent in and around the Bolshoi Ballet, she has a natural love of classical music. She can name most pieces, though plays no instruments herself.
  • Russian
    Been there? From there? Asia is Russian and is happy to reminisce.
  • Grammar/Language
    English is not Asia's first language and she therefore speaks it very correctly and with precision. Old fashioned, some might say. She's not been unknown to swear.
  • Mortal
    Asia knows nothing of the supernatural world, though does believe that the phenomenon of ghosts might exist.
  • Clothes Designer
    She has a particular flair for designing clothes and can do so on both large and small budgets. Want something reinvented and made over? She's your girl. Big event that you need to impress at? Let her loose with her ideas
  • Vintage Clothing
    Asia has a passion for clothing of a bygone era. She'd rather poke around second-hand shops for something individual and beautifully made than buy something modern and off the peg and has just opened her own shop which she's named Tinted Vintage, located in Hanging Hills (E01).
  • Relic Creator
    An interest in old and unique items, combined with her knowledge of the occult, makes for unusual and interesting pieces sometimes being made. She tends towards jewellery and small decorative pieces, along with items of clothing.
  • Claustrophobic
    Some of her past experiences have left her with a fear of confined spaces. It leads to her walking most places, rather than getting in a car.
  • Forgetful
    She's more than a little forgetful, especially with names. She's devised tricks to help her, but things still slip her memory.
  • OMG-Superstitious
    She's the sort to walk around ladders and to salute magpies. To curtsey to a black cat and to turn three times if horror of horrors she breaks a mirror. She also never steps on the cracks of the pavement. Just because.




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