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Artis Kuznetsov
Clan nosferatu.pngCovenant ordo dracul.png

"A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on.” – William S. Burroughs

Template: Vampire Clan: Nosferatu Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Bloodline: Unknown Coterie: None Faction: Mysteries
Date of Birth: March 17th 1700 Virtue: Patient Vice: Wrath



  • Vampire She is one.
  • Nosferatu She’s tougher than she looks.
  • Ordo Dracul Mystery Sworn.
  • Politics She is well versed in Praxis laws and others.
  • Russian She was born in St. Petersburg.
  • Ballet She was a ballerina in Russia during her younger years. She still occasionally dances.

  • Shrewsbury: Unconquered, reminds me of home. Makes me smile far too much.
  • Francis: Fellow Dragon and brother by clan. I like how he thinks.
  • Obadiah: Unconquered, Hound, busy busy.
  • Lubomir: Crone. Asked me if I liked Schubert.
  • Azad: Unconquered. Brother by clan. Polite and good in a bind.
  • Renske: Unconquered. Sister by clan. She's getting settled in with us. I hope for great things.
  • Ashlyn: Francis'. She's got guts. Think she's a good fit for the Dragon.
  • Ashley: Unconquered. Pink. Quiet. Always watch the quiet ones.


10 Years - The Autumn Effect

Try and come to willingly embrace.
Kharma's kiss of withering decay.
Death feeds, Hell breeds.
Subside in the Autumn.

I The Mighty - Lady of Death

She was screaming at the sky with her arms outstretched, head high and no fear of God in her eyes.
I couldn't help but stare, she was so god damn beautiful and so self-aware.
I felt her draw me in. I was moving but couldn’t control a single limb.
I heard her hum, then my ears went numb and with her perfect teeth and perfect tongue, she asks me:
How does it feel? Oh, how does it feel to know everything you thought to be true isn't real?
And her voice is lovely as she sings:
Drink it in... Have you ever seen oh so many beautiful things destroyed in one piece?
Ain't it grand? Breathe it in... Have you ever seen how we color everything? Well, sometimes it's all black and white.

Ghost - Secular Haze

You know that the fog is here, omnipresent.
When the diseases sees no cure.
You know that the fog is here, omnipresent.
When the intents remain obscure.


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A Civilized Meeting
  • (2015.07.23)
Darkest Before Dawn: The Caves
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Court - July 2015
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Reminiscing On Old Times
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Darkest Before Dawn: The Rubble
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Calm Before The Storm: The Meeting
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Something Stirs: Lights Out
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The Racks: Harold of the Homeless
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The Ring: Part One
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Otto and The Gremlins
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The Ring: Part Two
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The Ring: Part Three
  • (2015.10.08)
Calm Before The Storm: Stealth Mission
  • (2015.10.09)
Urban Legends: The Creeper
  • (2015.10.10)
Artis' Trial: The Assignment
  • (2015.10.15)
Urban Legends: The House On Pigeon Hill
  • (2015.10.19)
The Ring: Finale
  • (2015.10.26)
Haunts Halloween
  • (2015.11.02)
Return To The House On Pigeon Hill
  • (2015.11.18)
Calm Before The Storm: The Assault Mission
  • (2015.11.23)
Give Thanks: The Coterie
  • (2015.11.30)
The Fury Choir
  • (2015.12.09)
Meeting Cruz
  • (2016.01.02)
The Adjustment Talk
  • (2016.01.04)
Give Thanks: Idle Hands
  • (2016.01.05)
Border Wars: The Scouting
  • (2016.01.08)
Border Wars: The Party Crashers
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Calm Before The Storm: Return To Pendragon
  • (2016.01.15)
Calm Before The Storm: All Aboard!
  • (2016.01.19)
Give Thanks: Elysium Meeting
  • (2016.01.22)
Give Thanks: The Chat
  • (2016.01.23)
January Mass
  • (2016.02.08)
Ordo Dracul Meeting: February
  • (2016.02.17)
Give Thanks: The Ending
  • (2016.02.20)
Opening Night
  • (2016.02.24)
The Last Howl
  • (2016.02.24)
Into The Woods: The Nest
  • (2016.03.04)
Vampire Court - March 2016
  • (2016.03.07)
Wrong Neighborhood: The Box
  • (2016.05.02)
The Racks: The Demonic Mermaid
  • (2016.05.10)
Unearthing: The Dig