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Date of Birth: April 25, 1920
Apparent Age: 25
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust

Covenant: Invictus
Clan: Daeva
Coterie: Les Raines du Sang (The Queens of Blood)
Bloodline: Amara Havana


A child of post-World War 1 Europe, born and raised outside of Paris. A diminutive beauty, preferential to the life of a tomboy rather than Parisian fashion. The rumblings of the second World War called her to action, and she answered. A veteran of Operation Dragoon and the push to liberate France and dismantle the German war machine. A professional career soldier. She was taken as a ghoul at the end of the war, and served her regnant within German borders for almost two decades in Europe, learning the ways of her keeper. The construction of the Berlin wall sent them to seek shelter in America, and for another two decades she would remain a ghoul until her near life-long companion met true death in defense of the San Francisco praxis.

A prize, and an honor, she was finally Embraced in memory of her regnant. Selene would handle the new childe's upbringing as her sire, and three decades later, they find themselves in Maine...


  • Hound: I am the Archon, the Hound of Fallcoast's Prince. Her word is my law.
  • Invictus: The old ways still work, so long as we do not lose sight of how times change. The stone cannot withstand the sea forever.
  • Daeva: My sire is a Daeva. I do not operate wholly in agreement with my own needs, but... I will do what I must to survive.
  • French: Yes, I have an 'outrageous accent' and yes I will take offense if you make fun of it. I speak my mother tongue fluently.
  • Military: I'm an 'old soldier'.
  • World War II - Western Europe: Served? Lived? Died? We can reminisce together.
  • Security: Working for the Bella Gentlemen's Club to keep patrons in line and dancers safe.


Ariah is a pocket-sized vampire. She's four feet and ten inches tall, plus whatever shoes she might be wearing. Her curves are modest, she's toned and athletic, and unlife has been good to her. Her size belies her strength, but since when do vampires play fair like that? Her clothing tends to consist of casual fashion, defying her Daeva line and she seems to prefer the mundane versus the flamboyant. She does retain her French First Army uniform for special Court occasions, and has more 'striking' attire for going out and for hunting. She's just as capable of pulling off a look consisting of a man's button-down and trousers as she is wearing a skirt, corset-top and fuck-me boots.


Bound by Blood
  • Anastassia: Prince(ss) of Fallcoast. I serve her without question.
  • Charlize: Coterie Mate. Very much a Daeva, for better or worse.
  • Leetah: Coterie Mate. Friendly. More subtle Daeva, for better or worse.
  • Selene: Sire. MIA.
Lesser Bonds
  • Ada: One of Selene's Ghouls. Obedient and efficient office girl and accountant. Delicious.
  • Juliette: One of Selene's Ghouls. She is kind of a butt, but she does her job well.
  • Matteo: Mortal boss. Good cover and a good day job.

Notable Statistics

  • Strength: (*****) Vigor: (****) I am small but I am strong.
  • Dexterity: (*****) Celerity: (****) I am small and I am fast.
  • Brawl: (***) Weaponry: (*****) "You see, it's all about getting your whole wee body to snap just like a whip..."
  • Expression - Violin / Bass Guitar: (****) I am not just a mindless brute.
  • Blood Potency: (****) Sakti Pata: (*****) My blood sings. Can you hear it?
  • Vajra: Don't blink.


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