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Ariadne Frost
December 13th, 1992
Apparent Age
Early Twenties
High Society
Graduate Student | Socialite | Blogger

“The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx– Will Rogers


Some people have all the luck. Ariadne was born into a wealthy family that has been an important part of the Fallcoast community for multiple generations. It surprised no one when she demonstrated a mind for politics and an affinity for society functions. Bubbly and curious, she doesn't hesitate to dig her nose into other people's business. Unfortunately for those who would rather play their cards close to their chest, her unusual talents give her a bit of an advantage.

RP Hooks
University: Ariadne just began her Psychology and Journalism graduate studies at St. John's University. Maybe you're a fellow student in need of tutoring or a professor looking for a TA?
High Society: Are you rolling in money too? Let's sit around and fan ourselves with excessive amounts of cash. Or, fine, something more productive. Or do you want to give a spoiled little rich girl some probably well-deserved crap?
Blogger: Want the latest local info? Look no further! The Scuttlebuzz isn't a trashy tabloid, or so the owner insists, but rather a source of events, photos, and tidbits related to Fallcoast society. Keeping it classy while ideally providing enough juicy details to keep people interested and talking. If you want your party splashed across the front page, get in touch!
Psychic: Maybe you're "special" too, or do you just have thoughts you'd rather keep to yourself?

Trip Switch | Nothing But Thieves

Gimme data 'cause I need a hit
How I love stratospheric numbers
Information, I've been craving it
Gimme yours then gimme all the others
Trip switch, trip switch
What we do when the power's out
What do we do when the lights go
Down, down, down, down, down

Dirty Little Secret | The All-American Rejects

I'll keep you my dirty little secret
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
Just another regret, hope that you can keep it
My dirty little secret
Who has to know
When we live such fragile lives
It's the best way we survive
I go around a time or two
Just to waste my time with you

Cold Hard Bitch | Jet

Cold hard bitch, just a kiss on the lips
And I was on my knees
I'm waiting give me
Cold hard bitch, she was shakin' her hips
And I that was all that I need
I'm waiting give me

Bad Girls | MKTO

But once you goin' bad you know you can't go back
I just wanna watch every way that she moves
'Cause she out on the edge like there's nothing to lose
She gets what she wants, she takes what she needs
She kinda mean but ain't a problem to me
A little bit of hell, but she got me in heaven
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