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“Time is digging graves for the chosen few,
Children digging graves for me and you.”
—Christian Death

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My Name Is: Antoinette LeClaire
(Appears as) Antoinette
I was Born: December 25, 1993
Hometown: Fallcoast, Maine
My Age: 21
My Gig: Devout servant of Joseph and God (former nun)
My Virtue: Humility
My Vice: Lasciviousness

I'm a: Ghoul
My Flavour is: Daeva
I Follow the: Lancea Sanctum
My Regnant is: Joseph Reed
I'm Listening To: Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp

  • Catholic School Girl: Antoinette was sent away to private Catholic school at a young age.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: And she did. A lot of it. 'Til someone ended up pregnant
  • Sister Antoinette: It was either the Convent or the Convent. Antoinette had her baby at 15 and joined the Convent, became a nun.
  • Her Own Personal Jesus: When Joseph came along, she thought she was saved. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
  • Ghoulish: Girl sold her soul and all she got out of the deal was a lousy vitae habit.
  • Devout: Now she's devout to her first God, Joseph.

xxxxxAntoinette is a tiny slip of a girl at barely 4'9" and weighing next to nothing. Her small stature tends to get her overlooked and passed by, but it's her haunted look and hollow eyes that will grab your attention and hold it fast. A girl of 21 who has definitely seen some life, Antoinette is an old soul. She has long blonde hair that cascades around her shoulders and down her back; pale hazel eyes which grab your heart and suck you in; a plaintive expression she carries with her through happy times and sad; fully, pouty lips and delicate bone structure. Her body is petite and somewhat frail; she's never known a diet or seen the inside of a gym, yet she hasn't an inch of body fat on her bones. One might even worry about breaking her, if such a thing were possible.



  • Jospeh - The Confessor -- Turns out you don't play games. And I'm not the angel you thought I was.

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