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  • Author: He is one. Anthologies, serials, one-off novels.
  • Horror
  • Sin-Eater:
  • Ghosts:
  • People Watching:
  • Speaker with the Dead:
  • Underworld:

Geist: "The Maestro"

No one knows exactly when he died. Nor really the circumstances. The speakeasy where he worked and enjoyed the music of the Jazz Age was destroyed in a fire by the Italian mob who didn't like "spooks moving in on their territory." He was unable to evacuate, in time, and was found in a large storage room. His burned corpse holding onto a series of papers--working on his masterpiece that will never be heard. Eventually, the ghost that haunted the old speakeasy and jazz hall from that day forward became the Geist known as "The Maestro." He prefers hosts who have loved and never pursued their dreams, especially those that never had the chance to begin. His keystone is an ornate pen, engraved in silver with the webbed patterns of a spider.
  • DOD: 1920s
  • Threshold: Forgotten
  • Keys: Industrial, Passion
  • Keystone: Fountain pen (Arachne's Stylus)
  • Aspect: Longing Dreamer of Lives Unfulfilled

Keystone: Arachne's Stylus

The fountain pen is one of function as well as art. The fascinating spider's web design is adapted from a design typical of the 1920's art motif. In the middle of this web of delicate sterling silver threads, which covers the gleaming black barrel and precious resin cap, sits an artistically shaped, stylised spider.
  • Threshold: Forgotten
  • Skill: Expression
  • Keys: Industrial, Passion

Full Name: Antoine DuBois
Birthday: October 7th. After midnight.
Occupation: Writer
Virtue: Stoicism
Vice: Antisocial
Apparent Age: Mid to Late Twenties
Threshold: Forgotten
Archetype: Bonepicker
Geist: The Maestro
Krewe: None

Ghost Stories (Logs)

None yet.

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