Antigone d’Albany

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"You know, if you really want to fiddle the old-time way, you've got to learn the dance. The contra-dances, hoedowns. It's all in the rhythm of the bow. The great North Carolina fiddle player Tommy Jarrell said, 'If a feller can't bow, he'll never make a fiddler. He might make a violin player, but he'll never make no fiddler"xxxxx - - Alison Krauss






The one she fears most
Siobhain, The Banshee Queen

Current Name: Antigone Viviane d’Albany
Occupation: Street Busker
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Greed
Date of Birth: She was born
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Are you really asking my weight?
Hair Color: Flaming Bright Red
Eye Color: Brown
Seeming: Darkling
Kiths: Nightsinger/Oracle
Court: None Yet
Entitlement: None Yet


xxxxxAntigone, or Annie to some, is a fairly new arrival in these waters. If you are looking for her you might just find her at the docks or seated in a bus terminal or on a corner playing her fiddle or singing up a storm to the clatter of the cain filling her hat.

RP Hooks

  • Street Busker - of better than average skill
  • Hokey Religions - She seems to have a thing about the occult
  • Her sometimes rough around the edges approach to life.

The Quieter Stuff

  • Lost - Well, who'd have thunk it?
  • Screamer - Well, something like that.
  • Uncounted by a court - as of yet


Zwrillixae She kept me alive so far
Name Blurb


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