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An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body. - George S. Patton

xxxxx A French-Canadian from Vancouver, Angelique comes to Fallcoast armed with a Physical Education degree, a dabble of dark magic and a right hook to remember. She'll need all of it to find her no-good brother (Shen) and find out the truth about why he doesn't come to family gatherings anymore.

RP Hooks
  • French Canadian - She may not look like it but she's from Vancouver.
  • Physical Education - Angelique has a degree in getting sweaty in the gym. Though currently unemployed, she could conduct classes or even private tuition if you wish.
  • Folk Magic - She knows the black arts of folk magic! Be afraid, be very...moderately concerned.
  • Kickboxer - MMA is her hobby so hopefully one day she will reach the big time.


Shen - Oh, brother, where art thou?

Moved On

Jingshen - Met him at a gym. Athletic and also quite forward. Has quite the interest in photography.

Kitsune - A fleeting glimpse at a wrestling show. But she made an impression. Never saw her again.



Angelique Hasashi
In game as: Angelique
Date of Birth: 18 April 1993
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Height: 5'8"
Occupation: Unemployed Trainer
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Wrath
Languages: French, Japanese
Striking Looks: ** Exotic
Folk Magic: ***** Hexerei
Played By: Jessica Cambensy

Olivia Newton-John - Physical

  • (2017.11.24)
Supremacy: LONE 6 ThanksBEATING!