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xxxxxThe Cavanaughs whisper to themselves about Angelina. Oh, they keep it in-family--it doesn't do to air dirty laundry, after all--but among themselves they spread rumors that she's a gold-digging tramp married above her station, a slut who daily dishonors her marriage to her older spouse who's too in love or in lust or just plain spineless to see what Angelina is doing. And that's just what the living say. Some of the dead have their own tales to tell about how Angelina is impossibly older than she looks, how she was a stain on the family name, how she has the devil inside her.
xxxxxThe rumors are true, but they're not all the truth.
xxxxxAngelina is immortal, possessed by the Lust demon Agrat bat Mahlat. Born a long time ago, she had to fake her death and leave Fallcoast after her agelessness was drawing questions. It was also a factor that she was at risk of being publicly disowned, since her salacious appetites were becoming too consuming to be concealed.
xxxxxAngelina's back now after a long time (at least twenty years, but the specific number of years is left vague to leave room for hooks), masquerading as just some heartless slut married into the family when her true purposes are much more nefarious...and delightful. There are rewards for sin.


  • Cavanaugh
    Maybe it's revenge or maybe it's charity. Maybe it's both. Whatever it is, Angelina is an idle rich bitch who craves above all else to tempt Cavanaughs into sin by uncovering their secret desires and orchestrating them.
  • Possessed
    Actually, Angelina likes to tempt everyone into sin. If you have some shameful desire you want someone to enable, then Angelina is your lady!
  • Fame
    Angelina takes a LOT of selfies, ostensibly to show off her body as promotion for her day job as a personal trainer. A lot of them end up on smutty sites like the Chive. You might have seen her!
  • Personal Trainer
    She accepts appointments from clients who want to look their best. It's a legitimate business, even if it's also an excuse for her to meet people she can get into intimate physical contact with.
  • Cultist
    Angelina is a member of a small, decadent cult blossoming in Fallcoast. If you're looking to increase your personal pleasure, social power, and magical aptitude, she's always looking for people to groom!
  • Older Than She Looks
    Angelina isn't easily recognizable as the person she was before the demon, but some of the old remember her and some of the dead recognize her. Do you know her dark secrets? What are you going to do with that power? What will Angelina have to do about it?
  • Conflicted Monster
    Angelina doesn't want to go to Hell, so she does her best to ignore the worst of her demon's temptation and to try to be a good person. She fails often enough, but she's capable of surprising generosity and empathy.
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"You run the best book circle in town. I'm jealous."
"If I'm the wicked stepmother, does that make you the princess?"
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xxxxxxxxxxSin symbol lust by larsjack-a.pngPossessed.png
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vital statistics
Full Name: Angelina Cavanaugh
Family: Cavanaugh
Birthdate: Long ago.
Apparent Age: Mid-20's
Occupation: Gold-digger
Physical Trainer
Secret Cultist
Virtue: Prudence
Primary Vice: Lust
Sphere: Possessed
Clutch: Not yet.
- Source
notable stats
STAT •••••
STAT •••••
STAT •••••
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Josh Ritter - Getting Ready to Get Down

And now you come back sayin' you know a little bit about
Every little thing they ever hoped you'd never figure out
The Red Sea, the Dead Sea, the Sermon on the Mount
If you wanna see a miracle, watch me get down!

The Limousines - Internet Killed The Video Star

I'm a shitty romancer, I ain't gonna lie
But I'll be damned if that means that I ain't gonna try!