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"There are no life, the monsters win."

– George R.R. Martin


xxxxxAngelica was born in Fallcoast. She is one of the Abernathy Clan. What most don't know though is that she was born in the 1920's. She was taken when she was a teenager and only escaped Arcadia more recently. She has recently returned to Fallcoast, and has touched base with some of her family. She is a cousin named for one of the ancestors, at least that is what she says. She is still trying to find her place in the world.

RP Hooks
  • Hunter: Those that take us and change us, leave.../things/ in our place. I do what I can to hunt them down and do something about them.
  • Abernathy: Young woman with some peculiar quirks. She is an , its hard to disquise that fact. a lot about the time before WWII.
  • Abernathy(Secret Stuff): Taking a hint from her mother(Maybe), goes with the fact that she looks like one of her forebears, and there is a tradition of naming kids after the ancestor they most resemble.
  • Monster: I was not born a monster, that is what they made of me. It is time to show them just how monsterous I can be.
  • Changeling: A member of the freehold but often out on her own, trying to be more part of things.
  • Winter: Part of the Winter Court, just not all that active.
  • Duchy of Truth and Loss: Active member of this entitlement and often tries to hunt down Fetches.
  • Goblin Fruits: Needs a steady diet of to stay healthy, often out scrounging for some in the hedge.

Jewel: Angelica's Mother some how still alive and looking like Angelica remembers her.
Abernathy Family: This is the clan/family that Angelica is born into, she knows some, still meeting more.


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Angelica Abernathy
Date of Birth: March 21, 1922
Apparent Age: 19
Occupation: Wanderer/Hunter
Virtue: Courage
Vice: Wrath
Family: Abernathy (1)

Race: Changeling
Court: Winter
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart/Windwing (Griffin)
Entitlement: Duchy of Truth and Loss

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