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“All I'm doing is trying to survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me.”
― Tupac Shukar
Of the local Patterson Family of Fallcoast, Andrew was born and bread into the blue collar bread and butter that upholds the family name. That is he lives near the docks, works on the fishing boat. A local trawler at least, he's not out for six months out of the year, but his shifts range from 12 to 16 hours when he does go out. Its decent money, but a fair amount is spent going out to local pubs with the local boys.
Of his family, his sister Sara seems to have escaped the blue collar life mostly. Unwed after an unfortunate accident involving James Marlow, her SO at the time, and adopting his child, she's still making a name for herself as a local officer who's taken on harbor patrol. Some jealously on Andrew's part, only knowing she could do even better and yet she still sticks around close to home. That and unlike others in their neighborhood who go bad if anything, becoming criminals, she has gone to the other side by becoming an officer of the law. Andrew is a spoiler of his now nephew Jimmy. Old Man Patterson, their grandfather, is still kicking around, chanting old war stories to anyone who gives him an ear. Seems he has a couple birthdays a year these years, cause no one know when he'll kick the bucket and its good enough excuse to get family together every few months to have some brew though.
Born into the rougher part of town, its a part of him, no matter what he does. Running with young thugs in high school, having some trouble here and there, he mostly tries to avoid it at this age, just trying to make an honest buck. But he still knows people, any number of old friends and running buddies, Andy still knows who's connected around Fallcoast, especially those in and around the harbor/coastal areas. He knows the docks, he's is the docks. A scraper in high school, on account of being male and from the bad part of town, that hasn't left him either. Trying to control it, still an occasional fist fight might happen between friends at the local dive on a Friday night, mostly over drunken nonsense. Not that he drinks way too much, but he doesn't put up with drunkards running their mouth either. He dosn't win all, its not about winning in his part of town so much as the attitude.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
Born and bred Fallcoast, the 'bad' part of town, not far from the coast but not the clean beaches; blue collar, dock workers, shipyards, fisherman on the trawlers and all.
He works on a trawler, goes out in long shifts 3 to 4 times a week, comes home smelling like the ocean.
Dive Bars
Likely to hang out at the place the posh won't go. More comfortable around regular folk even.
Seedy Life
He's run with a few of the wrong crowds, still friends with a number that can't just make straight. He's trying to make an honest living.



  • Pops - Michael - Good in my book, we get along. Following in his shoes, or the family footsteps. Quiet mostly, can watch a Patriots game with him, catch some Red Sox, talk about the shit going on at the docks. He's the dock master now, gives a little leverage on my trawler at least, doing right by him. He's cut Sara off, ain't right that, he's a stubborn son of a bitch at times, takes after his pops.
  • Ma - Juliette -Always there for us kids, gotta love her. Even she doesn't agree with dad, doing what she can for Sara. Maybe she can talk sense into pops, or hit him with a pan, really knock the sense back in there. No matter what I tell a girl about her cooking, the can't beat ma. She cooks up sea broil, no one's getting me out the door that night until I've had three bowls, no how.
  • Gramps - Matthew - Stubborn old man, funny, great guy. Was tough on my dad, according to him, but damn he's great to be around. Plenty of stories about war and chasing skirts. Still knocks back a few beers when he's around. Hanging on like a bear trap on a bear, no idea when he's going to kick it, but glad he's still around.
  • Sara - She's out trying to do right, unlike most of us in the neighborhood. She could do so much more, but she's close to her roots. Sucks with the way dad didn't take to James and now with her adopting Jimmy, he's written her off. Someplace, he's like me, she can do better, but she's doing right in the world. No way I'm letting go, she's my sister. And Jimmy deserves the world she gives him, good to have a nephew around, no rush to have kids here; I can spoil him instead.
  • Emilie - Sara's BFF from high school. Cute then, of all the girls there, she's the one that got on good side I guess. Though I'm sure she just strung me along, a little hint of a taste and a push away. Hell, I didn't mind that at the parties and such, kept the other shits from getting their meat hooks in her. I played along just for that. Back in town, still a looker, she grew up well.


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Full Name: Andrew Patterson
Date of Birth/App Age: June 14, 1988 (Late-Twenties)
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Occupation: Docks/Fisherman - Trawler
Fallcoast High: Class of '06


Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer

Once upon a time not so long ago
Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike
He's down on his luck, it's tough, so tough

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