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"Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame its response."

- Arthur M. Schlesinger

Anastassia Petrovna
Date of Birth: April 16, 1932
Nationality: Russian
Occupation Scientist
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Sphere: Vampire the requiem.png Vampire
Covenant: Covenant ordo dracul.png Ordo Dracul
Clan: Clan nosferatu.png Nosferatu
Bloodline: Bloodline nosferatu yagnatia.png Yagnatia
Vampire Titles: Prince of Fallcoast (Praxis); Enlightened Haunting Sable Master of the Aetherial Untamed Curse (Ordo Dracul)
Fate Card: Knight of Swords

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber: Music Of The Night (sung by Michael Crawford)
  • Chiasm: Isolated
  • Danny Elfman: Fate (Wanted OST), Sleepy Hollow OST, The Wolfman OST
  • Enigma: MCMXC a.D.
  • Evanescence: Bring Me To Life, Haunted, My Immortal, Tourniquet
  • Falco: Rock Me Amadeus (Salieri Mix)
  • Genesis: Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
  • Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard: Batman Begins OST, The Dark Knight OST
  • Hans Zimmer: The Dark Knight Rises OST
  • Lacuna Coil: The Ghost Woman And The Hunter, Humane, Our Truth, Swamped, Trip The Darkness, Un Fantasma Tra Noi (A Ghost Between Us)
  • Linkin Park: New Divide
  • Loreena McKennitt: Night Ride Across The Caucasus
  • Madonna: Die Another Day
  • Murray Head: One Night In Bangkok
  • Nine Inch Nails: Every Day Is Exactly The Same
  • Saliva: Badass, Greater Than/Less Than, Lackluster, My Goodbyes
  • Sevendust: My Ruin
  • Shinedown: Second Chance
  • Steve Jablonsky: Arrival to Earth (Transformers OST), In Time You'll See (Transformers: Dark of the Moon OST), Matrix of Leadership (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen OST)
  • Steven Sharp Nelson: Beethoven's Five Secrets, Moonlight
  • Two Steps From Hell: After the Fall, Black Blade, Enigmatic Soul, Forces of Destiny, Freedom Fighters, Heart of Courage, Infinite Legends, Master of Shadows, To Glory
  • Train: Ordinary

Anastassia Petrovna was born in Moscow in 1932, during the reign of Joseph Stalin. Her life was relatively uneventful aside from the typical events of life in a communist country, but that changed after she relocated to Leningrad (currently St. Petersburg) in 1950 to begin her studies at Leningrad State University. Majoring in biology and studying other life sciences, her inquiries led her to begin a quiet study of thanatology: the scientific study of death. It was during this time that Alexei Sokolov came to notice her; impressed with the workings of her mind, he was able to get Ana placed into a secret Soviet research program that dealt with moving beyond life and death to grant subjects immortality. Ana's keen scientific mind, coupled with the occult leanings of her work, was what led Alexei to prepare for the next phase of Ana's existence...


In October 1960, Alexei not only revealed his true nature as a Nosferatu of the Yagnatia bloodline to Anastassia, but gave her the choice to accept his gift of immortality, albeit as a vampire. Ana accepted, becoming one of the Damned of Leningrad. While the nature of her bloodline necessitated maintaining cordial relations with the Acolytes, Ana nonetheless shocked the local Yagnatia when she chose to remain with the Ordo Dracul -- as much a testament to their emphasis on science and the occult as it was a discomfort with the religious-themed dogma of the Circle of the Crone. Nonetheless, Ana continued her work with Alexei in the immortality project, as well as began study of Wyrm's Nests. Her efforts have crystallized into two long-term goals: first, to discover an alternative means to the Acolyte ritual that is the sole source of Yagnatia 'procreation'; second, to ascend the ranks of the Ordo Dracul and join the ranks of those Sworn to Dracula.

IC Events

Since Anastassia's arrival in Fallcoast more than a year previously, things have been interesting, to say the least. While her original purpose for coming to Fallcoast did not pan out for various reasons, she elected to remain and continue serving in the Fallcoast Academy. This culminated with her appointment as Herald of the Praxis in February 2017 by Prince Oz, a week before Oz would later be put to Final Death by Doctor Silva. Busy in the nights following, Anastassia only saw her duties multiply when, in response to a claim to the position of Seneschal, the Primogen Council instead chose to roll those duties into her own as Herald.

Despite her misgivings about the Primogen Council's desire to rule by committee, Anastassia chose not to speak, giving them the chance to provide the stability they claimed to want. But as the months passed, the Council dwindled, Court positions lay open for the taking, and yet no one stepped forward to stop the downward slide, herself included. But finally, Anastassia's sense of duty and responsibility asserted themselves, and she found herself with only one alternative: claim the power she didn't want for herself, and begin the process of rebuilding the Praxis.

This decision culminated in the Court proceedings she called in September 2017, where she officially put her claim of Praxis to the assembled Kindred of Fallcoast. With no one willing to challenge, Anastassia now sits as Prince of Fallcoast, and the rebuilding process has already begun. But only time will tell what challenges she, and the Praxis of Fallcoast as a whole, will face next.

RP Hooks
  • Ordo Dracul: Anastassia defied the status quo by joining the Ordo Dracul rather than the Circle of the Crone, thanks in large part to her Kindred bloodline's penchant for the females becoming Acolytes; this was as much due to the Dragons' emphasis on science as it was a belief that she could not hold faith in Circle dogma as a result of her upbringing during the Stalin years of Communism. Within the ranks of the Ordo Dracul, she has worked on the nature of life, death and immortality, and is currently the ranking Sworn of the Mysteries.
  • Politics: While historically not political in nature, Anastassia began showing an interest in politics -- particularly Kindred politics -- during her initial appointment as Herald of the Praxis. With her additional appointment to serve as Seneschal of the Praxis in addition to her duties as Herald, coupled with a later appointment during the summer of 2017 as Sworn of the Mysteries within the Ordo Dracul, the pull of Kindred politics became more of a siren's call. Now as Prince of Fallcoast (see below), Anastassia finds herself in the deep end of the Danse Macabre, with everyone's eyes on her to see just how long she can manage to keep balanced atop the most precarious and treacherous of pinnacles.
  • Prince of Fallcoast: With the depletion of the Primogen Council, as well as a general sense of apathy and ennui pervading the Praxis, Anastassia debated long and hard with herself before finally making the decision. In September 2017, she formally announced her claim of Praxis over the demesne of Fallcoast, determined to do her best to right the proverbial ship and bring the Praxis forward with her out of a sense of duty and responsibility from her service as both Herald and Seneschal of the Praxis. While it can be said that she's made the occasional misstep thus far, it can also be said that she has made efforts to learn from those missteps and rule as fairly as possible.
  • Russian: Anastassia hails from Russia, born a child of Stalin's particular brand of Communism and adjusting to a more capitalist world in the wake of Communism's fall. While born in Moscow, most of her life (and unlife) have been spent in St. Petersburg (Leningrad, as she still sometimes refers to it). Her English, while good, still holds enough trace of her Russian roots to mark her home country.
  • Science!: Anastassia graduated from Leningrad State University in 1954, majoring in biology. Her studies extended beyond life sciences, though, into thanatology -- the scientific study of death. From there... well, the science starts blending into the occult at that point. Regardless, she's quite intelligent and passionate about science and research.
  • Transcendence: Anastassia is a passionate believer in the concept of transcendence, particularly in regards to the Ordo Dracul and moving beyond their innate vampiric nature. In fact, she's currently involved in some very hush-hush research, though she remains tight-lipped about the nature of her studies.
  • Vampire: Anastassia is a Nosferatu of the Yagnatia bloodline, and yet further proof that not all Nosferatu are loathsome in appearance. However, her appearance is such that it does seem... wrong, somehow -- how can she be so alluring (courtesy of Striking Looks 1) unless through some possibly unnatural means?
  • Wyrm's Nests: Anastassia is noted for her knowledge of Wyrm's Nests, including some of the various rituals that can be performed upon such sites. She claims this is to further the aims of the Ordo Dracul, but one can't help but wonder if her interests are more personal (never mind more secretive) in nature.