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Anahita2.jpg Ana Tales from the 13th Precinct.png Madani

“Strong is not a person who can beat an enemy. Strong is a person who can control themselves at the time of anger.”

Ana Madani is many things; a mother, a cop, a muslim, a woman. Hers is not an easy or simple life, but one that requires constant vigilance and dedication. Hers is a tempered will and heart, made so by a past she rarely speaks of and never shows. She's no mystery, so she'd say, but Ana keeps few close and is oddly private about her personal life.
Full Name: Anahita 'Ana' Madani
Date of Birth: December 8th, 1986
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Police Officer (Motorized)
Virtue: Courage
Vice: Vanity

Template: Changing Breeds
Accord: Heart-Ripper
Breed: Bastet
Roleplay Hooks
  • Law Enforcement

Until recently, Ana served as one of Boston's finest. Relocating to the metropolitan city of Fallcoast, she's a recent addition to the FPD, yet she's got more than a few years under her belt as a patrol officer. Familiar with the routine and the skills required of her, she's still yet green when it comes to the city itself.

  • Islam and the Modern Era

Openly, Anahita identifies herself as muslima. She attends the closest mosque as often as she can and takes part in prayer whenever she's able to. She observes her faith as rigorously as her life will allow. She's imperfect, a fact that she is repentant for, but also believes that she is forgiven for fulfilling her duties so long as there is a purpose in it. She doesn't always wear the hijab (it's impractical with her uniform), but does when she can, and even without it she has been the target of hatred on more than a few occasions. Whether she's a civilian or dressed for duty.

  • Feline Ferocity

Something lurks beneath Ana's skin that lingers deeper still than any personal trauma she keeps close to her chest. A primal prowess beats within her breast and her blood is the blood of the Persian leopard, a fine line between woman and animal that Ana is continuously maintaining a balance between. Given the bloodthirst of her Nahual and her past, hers is not a perfect control, but she makes the best of what she is.

  • Single Motherhood

It's hard to find time between giving into your animal instincts, performing your duties as a patrol officer, and still finding time to be a single parent to a daughter of seven years. Isabel Rainer is the product of Ana's past marriage, one that ended with the brutal murder of her then-husband Alexander Rainer. The case has since become cold with no suspects to speak of, only confusion over the mangled body whose death seemed some savage animal attack.