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“I think that pop music is sort of about 'you can do what you want to me' kind of energy, while rock and roll is 'I'm going to do what I want to you' kind of energy.”
– Joan Jett

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xxxxxRica, new in town, bit of a shutterbug, bit of punkrock, likes the arts. Oh yeah, Fallcoast Gangrel Priscus and city court Sheriff.

A Version of Things

xxxxxRica's a New Yorker, a photographer in creative exile from the Big Apple. Perhaps to pursue some project or assignment. Maybe she was a big deal or worked for some hipster zine or website, who knows, she's in town now and sometimes seen hanging around nightlife spots or dipping her toes into the local urban exploration scene.

Another Version of Things

xxxxxRooster, semi-famous nom de plume for a masked photog. Known in some New York circles for her nightime cityscape, clublife and daring urbex photography. Graffiti has Banksy, music has Buckethead and Deadmau5, the NYC scene has Rooster, unknown figure in a Kabuki-style animal mask who would turn up unannounced, silent behind fake porcelain faces.

xxxxxRooster's work had been exploding out from Instagram, Flickr and online forums into print and other 'real' publications when she seemed to disappear. Her (surprisingly deep) back catalog of New York photography is still being explored and and new stuff is appearing occasionally (though obviously not from anywhere in the city), but that mysterious woman in the mask hasn't been seen in some time.

A Variation of Theme

xxxxxIt's really hard for a vampire to have photography as a hobby. It's a medium of light, after all, and the sunny-sixteen rule doesn't work so well when trying to use it gets you burned to ash. Not to mention film labs don't keep the same hours as you do. Digital has been a revolution!

xxxxxLong story short, Rica's hobby has got away from her. The mask was a good idea at the time - she's well aware she can't appear on film herself, the mask means if she accidentally appears on camera there's no need to explain why she isn't, y'know, appearing on camera - but that also got away from her, part of this unintentional mystique that made her larger than life. Or was it the pictures? Or both? It's a fame she doesn't really know what to do with. She thought the pictures were okay, you know? But a decade or so of practice helps? And hey, it's become good money. Win-win, right? The Prince didn't think so, and suggested she go on sabbatical. Yes. Suggested. We'll go with that word.


  • Live music? Gallery opening? Spoken word? She could be at all these things. With a camera. Just, y'know, at night.
  • Urban exploration. Is there some abandoned building that calls for poking around? A vantage point unexplored? (with a camera!)
  • Yeah, she likes photography. Any excuse. Just not during daylight. Which is admittedly inconvenient for a photographer, but we all have our... creative restrictions.
  • Parkour. It's something she's into, but not for it's own sake. It makes urbex easier.
  • Vampire politics? Rica's the Gangrel Pricus and court Sheriff. Neither role she appears to have taken on eagerly, but someone has to do them.


  • Grimes - Maim vs Kill: I got friends in high places. I get out for free. I got in a fight but they don't know me.
  • The Heavy -Short Change Hero: I can't see where you comin' from, But I know just what you're runnin' from. And what matters ain't the "who's baddest," but the ones who stop you fallin' from your ladder, baby
Name: America Kasey Rae
DOB: May 5, 1970
Apparent Age: College Girl
Occupation: Nightlife/Urbex photographer
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride

Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Shepherd
Covenant: Unaligned

Notable Stats

Status *****

Notable Merits

Fame 1 (Rooster)
Obfuscate 2 (Mask of Tranquility)
Feral Mien