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Amenset Elmhady

“People bring about their own undoing through their tongues - Egyptian Proverb"

  • The Woman: Amenset is a woman of Egyptian descent, looking to be in her mid-twenties. There's an aura of danger that seems to linger and the look in her eyes betrays that she is perhaps wiser than she seems. She can often be found lingering in the rougher parts of Fallcoast or seedy bars, either looking to start trouble or watch it play out. Her attire usually consists of form fitting clothing with a leather jacket over top and steel-toed boots. Though they aren't seen, Amenset is usually always armed with at least a pistol and a knife.
  • The Demon: Rothramok, in his true form, is a swirling, semi-humanoid form of smoke with muliple hands and tendrils. His eyes glow a bluish white but when he is truly angry they'll glow a hot red. When he gets closer to the surface, so to speak, sometimes whisps of smoke will seem to drift off of Amenset, as if she was on fire.
 xxxxxRP Hooks
  • For Hire - Amenset has a particular set of a skills for those who know what to ask and how to find her. Simply put - she's a hitman. She'll get her hands dirty for other things, but that is her primary specialty.
  • A Tale As Old As Time - Amenset is old, very, very old. Despite her young features, there's an ancient wisdom lurking in her dark brown eyes.
  • Fight or Fight - Amenset seems calm at first glance, but there is a brimming rage just beneath the surface. She's always ready to throw down at a moment's notice.
  • Possessed - Amenset is one of the Possessed. She has been around since about 2700 B.C. - The times of Ancient Egypt. She's gone by many names but her description stays the same. It is completely possible you've heard whispers about her or Rothramok.
  • New In Town - Amenset has only been in Fallcoast for a few months. She occupies an unassuming, ramshackle home in Hanging Hills. Don't be fooled though, she has made sure there's security. She can often be found in shadier areas of Fallcoast, various bars, or simply wandering - getting a feel for this new city.
Full Name: Amenset Elmhady
Seen As: Amenset/Rothramok
Played By: N/A
Date of Birth: Does it really matter?
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Who's asking?
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Wrath

Sphere: Possessed
Vices: Wrath (2), Pride (1)

Notable Traits:
  • Strength ****
  • Striking Looks (2) - Exotic
  • The Dragon's Tongue (2)
  • Trained Memory
  • Language (Egyptian, German, and Romanian)

Soundtrack Vengance Is Mine - Alice Cooper
  • (2018.01.27)
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