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If you hear your name, and you know no one is there, don’t look back because it's dead.


Date of Birth: March 23rd 1991 Medium: ●●●
Appearant Age: Early-Mid twenties Gatekeeper: ●●●
Day & Night Job: Patrol Officer with FPD Athletics: Foot Chase
Virtue: Faith Persuasion: Cutting a Deal
Vice: Pride Sworn Officer:
Nationality: American, Dominican Heritage Languages: English & Spanish

Fallcoast has been Amalia's home since the age of three when her mother and four older brothers had moved from New Jersey. Growing up was difficult as the family was always struggling to keep food on the table and the rent paid just enough to keep from being evicted. Her brothers began part time jobs to help out once they had reached of age and Amalia was soon following them, working as a maid at a hotel while in high school. She rarely got into trouble, mostly petty things such as missing curfew or lying about being somewhere she wasn't. Too stay on track Amalia was dragged to church every sunday and was expected to be home to help make dinner every night. She was a being groomed to be a house wife. A life Amalia didn't want.

Perhaps Amalia joined the Fallcoast PD out of spite to rebel against everything her mother had planned for her.

Known Activities

  • Devoted Catholic- Amalia regularly attends mass regularly on Sunday at Star Of The Sea Catholic Church. No doubt she has made some friends there
  • Fallcoast High School - Graduating class of 2009, Amalia was on the track team as a runner in the 100m dash from her sophomore year until graduation
  • Local - She's lived here ever since was three when her family consisting of four older brothers and her mother had moved from New Jersey
  • Law - With less than a year under her belt Amalia is still a rookie with the Fallcoast PD her brothers and sisters in blue don't shy away from reminding her of that
  • Healthy - A regular at the gym, at least two to three times a week. When not there Amalia goes for nightly runs to keep her thoughts clear.
  • Medium - She has witnessed a few ghosts in past moments of high stress. Amalia turns to her faith for guidance.



He's new around here, from Chicago. What interest does he have in Fallcoast?


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