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Name: Alyza Starchaser
Shadowname: Inaba
Occupation: Nature Reserve Owner
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Free Council
Age: 23


This particularly short woman seems to have plenty of spirit to make up for her size, if her fierce demeanor is anything to judge by. Her vivid, intense gaze is backed by green eyes that gaze out on the world around her with an unbridled passion and curiosity. A smile almost always paints her lips, and despite never seeming to wear makeup, she's attractive all the same. Her wild platinum hair flows down her back, well-groomed but allowed to hang free, and gives her even more of an untamed look.

Though she doesn't look to be particularly well-muscled, her body is toned, particularly her legs, and a practiced eye would be able to mark her as a runner. Her skin is a bit tan, almost as if she's been in the sun quite a bit, although not overly dark. Various tattoos cover her skin in places, but she's certainly not covered in them quite yet. She’s got an almost unnaturally shapely figure for her build, with ample breasts and an hourglass-shape, almost as if her body itself had been sculpted to be an object of perfection.


Impulse, pure and simple, rushing through the veins, as the wild urges of natural instinct over come sense and reasons. Alyza’s nimbus is like the call of the wild blared loud in the ears of anyone who might hear it, an encouragement to give in to one’s animalistic impulses, as well as their impulses in general A vibrant green nimbus of color surrounds her body as her magic grows in strength, and the lizard brain becomes harder and harder to ignore, begging all to give in to simple instinct.

Roleplaying Hooks

Wild Child [Mage/Any] - An Orphan of Proteus, Alyza is very attached to nature, and prefers to spend her time wandering the wild, rather than in town. She can occasionally be found amongst the outskirts of humanity, but avoids crowded places.
A Bit Reserved [Any] - Alyza runs the Starchaser Nature Reserve, a beautiful park where people can come to get away from nature.
Libertine [Mage] - A member of the Free Council, Alyza takes her place within the order very seriously, despite her wanderings, and is always on the lookout for ways she can help out her compatriots.
Little Shop of Horrors [Mage] - Want to buy a horrifying plant or creature? Alyza certainly enjoys experimenting with such things, and can help you to whip up whatever abomination you desire.


Pixel - A different sort of stargazing



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