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Alnitah El-Hashem
Birth: Seventeenth of February
Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Bookie
Themesong: I Lied by DJ Khaled
Embraced: 1999
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Khaibit
Covenant: The Invictus
Faction: Die Nachteulen
Coterie: None

Evil Triplet

Of the El-Hashem Alnitah has always been the weirdest of the lot, and supposedly showed the the tendencies of a sociopath. It turns out all of her sisters' teasing may be right.

Trickster Triplets

Despite their supernatural degrees of separation the El-Hashems are always up for a prank. It's just that they're now much more sinister, and someone might lose an arm.

Naive Newcomer

After receiving a call from Madame Masters along with the repayment of a boon Alnitah has happily moved to Fallcoast.

Lady of War

Alnitah's no honorable knight, and tends to treat combat as something that should be ended as expeditiously as possible. She once held the title of Soldier within the Praxis of San Francisco, now she comes to Fallcoast to see what else may test her mettle.

Action Fashionista

Just because you're called on to fight doesn't mean you shouldn't look damned good doing it.

Blue and Orange Morality

She worships the twin aspects of a Typhonic god, and pays service to some alien, ephemeral entity with ties to the Spirit World. Is it any wonder that her Humanity isn't held in high regard?

Weakened by the Light

Fuck you, Horus. Just fuck you.

Battle Butler

Alnitah serves only the Invictus, and those that steward the head of the ship often have her on call for more delicate issues..

(San Francisco, all)

Alnitah used to call the Golden Gate City her home, but now it's a distant memory.

(Kindred, vampire)

Alnitah needs your blood. It doesn't quite matter what you are so long as you bleed.

(Unconquered, vampire)

Miss El-Hashem has been with the First Estate since her release in 2004.

(Khaibit, vampire)

Like her Sire before her El-Hashem serves a master. However, hers is the Invictus itself, and no single Kindred.

(Follower of Set, mekhet)

Set, Seth, Sut, Sutesh, Sutekh, Suty, Typhon. The name is irrelevant, but his role as adversary is often whispered about to other Mekhet should they be listening. More interested parties may learn more of a war against things somehow worse than Kindred.

(Mambo, supernatural)

What started as way to connect with one of her sisters has sprung into another facet of the Shadow. She doesn't believe loa believe the loa themselves to be gods, but still as beings worthy of veneration.

(Spirits, supernatural)

What's the best gift for someone without their own reflection? Staring into the reflection of the very fucking world. The results do not go well.

(Soldier of San Francisco, invictus)

Alnitah is no knight, and has as much honor as cornered rat.

(Senator of San Francisco, invictus)

Spirits and the Shadow are matter of expertise for the Shadow, and damn near an obsession. She's resigned from her former title and duties once moved to Fallcoast, but she's still willing to offer her services and knowledge to any Unconquered willing to listen.

(Die Nachteulen, invictus)

Her messages come in only two forms, and often relate to the Sidereal Palace. Older or higher ups in the Covenant may have heard of her former cell's activities, or even had a hand in why she was so happy to move to Fallcoast.

(Bookie, crime)

Alnitah used to run a small racket running bets for her neighborhood pukes, and enjoyed turning a nice buck. She's looking to do the same in Fallcoast, and is willing to take all comers. Even if you're ten years into mortgage debt she's sure to work something out.
Songs & Logs
I Lied' by DJ Khaled
I know I told you I stopped slanging ye, strapped everyday.
I lied, I lied, I lied.
All the hoes say I'm fucking, every time I said I wasn't, only you that I be fucking.
I lied, I lied, I lied.
Nah I ain't seen nothing, nah I ain't hear nothing, wanna talk to my lawyer.
I lied, I lied, I lied.
I swear to tell the truth, nothing but the whole truth with my hand on the Bible.
I lied, I lied, I lied.

C'mon, C'mon
by Nina Simone
On another day; c'mon c'mon.
With these ropes I tied, can we do no wrong?
Now we grieve cause now is gone:
Things were good when we were young
With my teeth locked down, I could see the blood
Of a thousand men who have come and gone.
Now we grieve cause now is gone.
Things were good when we were young.
Dark Fantasy by Kanye West
You might think you've peeped the scene,

You haven’t. The real one's far too mean.
The watered down one, the one you know,
Was made up centuries ago.
They made it sound all wack and corny.
Yes, it's awful, blasted boring.
Twisted fictions, sick addictions.
Well, gather 'round children, zip it, listen.

4 Zones by Jeezy
I hope my hustle don't offend nobody.
I can give a fuck what you think about me.
You know I like to turn up at the spot,
.Act a fool with the money.
OG told me keep it low-key
Now I got the whole house smellin' like smoke,
And errythin', coulda smoke a thousand Newports.
Really no difference between money and the time,
Thin line do it all cause I can't be broke.


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