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The worst things I can imagine have already happened to me. Time to just enjoy things.

– Alma


xxxxxAlma is a freshly arrived visitor to Maine from India (though exactly where in India is a source of some confusion). She's got nothing but the clothes on her back and the fact that she's kind of immortal to help her. Okay, so her situation isn't that bad.

RP Hooks
  • People Should RP With Alma:
  • Alma can often be found hanging out at the local university parties.
  • If you're old enough, you might have known her in a very different state of mind.

Some Subsection

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A Section

xxxxxAlma is a purified, a drifter, a do-gooder. /Mostly/ a pacifist, she couch-surfs, mooches, and coasts through life. She's pretty focused on having a good time and enjoying herself. The worst things that she can imagine have already happened to her, so she now makes time to just enjoy things. Alma is often dancing, can be found on the college campus, and parties a lot. And, of course, she's a purified, sees spirits, can sense various spirit related things and can physically enter twilight in addition to projecting her consciousness there. Still, she's trying to avoid entanglements in the spirit world... like that's gonna happen.


AlmaCasual.jpg Alma3.jpg

Alma Jayaraman
Date of  Birth: 21st of June, 1431
Apparent Age: Mid- to Late-20s
Occupation: None
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Gluttony

Peace Mantra


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