Alison Crowne

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RP Hooks
  • LONE - Alison is a member of an all female wrestling federation in New England named Ladies Of New England. Perhaps you also work there, either as a wrestler, manager, or some kind of person involved with production?
  • Wrestling - Like the LONE hook, but more about wrestling in general. She's worked in many different federations. She can also be someone to talk to in general as a fan of wrestling.
  • Martial Arts - Alison is a Martial Arts enthusiast and has been studying since she was a kid.
  • Health Nut - Alison only has 1 cheat day. One! Usually she can be caught at the gym working out, or practicing her Martial Arts not just to learn more about them and keep the rust off, but for the cardio.
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Alison1.jpg Alison2.jpg Alison3.jpg

Alison Crowne
Date of Birth: None
Apparent Age: None
Occupation: Pro Wrestler
Virtue: None
Vice: None

Portrayed by: Leva Bates

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

Go we need some, go we need some action!
If we're gonna make it like a true survivor
We need some action!
If we wanna take our love away from here
  • (2017.07.22)
Supremacy: Lone 2
  • (2017.08.25)
Supremacy: LONE 3
  • (2017.09.05)
Shut Up and Jam!
  • (2017.10.27)
Supremacy: LONE 5 Halloween Edition
  • (2017.11.24)
Supremacy: LONE 6 ThanksBEATING!
  • (2017.12.29)
Supremacy: LONE 7 Holiday Hell
  • (2018.01.26)
Supremacy: LONE 8 New Years Rising
  • (2018.02.23)
Supremacy: LONE 9 Fallcoast Fallout
  • (2018.03.30)
Supremacy: LONE 10 Tag Team Classic Night 1
  • (2018.04.27)
Supremacy: LONE 11 Tag Team Classic Night 2
  • (2018.05.25)
Supremacy: LONE 12 The Rumble
  • (2018.06.29)
Supremacy: LONE 13 Power Trip
  • (2018.07.27)
Supremacy: LONE 14 2 Year Anniversary: Redemption
  • (2018.09.28)
Supremacy: LONE 15 Retribution
  • (2018.10.26)
Supremacy: LONE 16 Halloween II
  • (2018.11.30)
Supremacy: LONE 17 ThanksBEATING! 2: Ungrateful
  • (2018.12.28)
Supremacy: LONE 18 Holiday Hell 2
  • (2019.01.25)
Supremacy: LONE 19 New Years Rising 2
  • (2019.02.22)
Supremacy: LONE 20 Fallcoast Fallout 2
  • (2019.03.29)
Supremacy: LONE 21 Opportunity
  • (2019.04.26)
Supremacy: LONE 22 Retribution 2
  • (2019.05.31)
Supremacy: LONE 23 Consequences
  • (2019.06.28)
Supremacy: LONE 24 Celebration
  • (2019.07.26)
Supremacy: LONE 25 3 Year Anniversary
  • (2019.08.30)
Supremacy: LONE 26 August Assault
  • (2019.09.27)
Supremacy: LONE 27 The Rumble 2
  • (2019.10.25)
Supremacy: LONE 28 Halloween III