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▄▀ Overview ▀▄

Alisha Leann Shaw was born on July 8 1988 to her loving parents but raisied by her Adotpive aunt and uncle. 4 . Her Dad was serving in the army and he ended up dying over sea's during the first gulf war. Her mother was a a truma sergent working in the Icu . A GSW patient came in that unfounrnatley got violent and got shoved back and cracked her head open on a crash cart that was near by. She has lived in Fallcoast Maine all her life. She did exceptionally well, despite of her tradigic child hood memories she used that has a motivation to stayin school and furthering her education in the 1800's slave era Her other motivation was that her mom's bestfriend was a head nurse in the Icu and going to college and ended up getting a job thier and happened to be married to a dect of the local pd So she had a adotpive aunt and uncle and use to act up and cut from school but her adoptive aunt and uncle kept her going.. They saw Alisha as a outcast mostly because she hung out with everyone including the black community and it was shun upon. She wound up working for a close Friend at his store that is known in London and maine. She became a Traveling business partner at African imports. While studying at the fallcoast college in Maine for her History degree. She isn't racist she infact doesn't solaize with people with such views. She has one friend in Maine and that happens to be Folami. Because he has an intrest in her and sees she is very dependale and is motivated to work for him. She is a history major in her first year of college. She works for Folami at african imports. Never been conviteced of any crimes.

▄▀ Alisha Shaw ▀▄
Model--Victoria van Violence--tattoo 0221347816977.jpg
Date of Birth July 8 1988
Apparent Age Early Twenties
Profession Student/Business partner
Virtue Faith
Vice Pride
▄▀ RP Hooks ▀▄
  • Employment: Works at a African import
▄▀ Description ▀▄

Standing before you is a very beautiful pale woman looking to be 21 that isn't her real age though. Her long Emerald hair with curls that poole at the end down past her shoulders and a few strands sits a little past her bust line. She is wearing a redish pink corset with gold hook buttons. It shows much detail to her bust line and cleavage. The black skinny jeans fit over her hips and those dangours slim curvs of hers. Followed with black boots. On her arms is a Rose on a thorn bush flowing down her arm. A nose ring that curles on the side. A labire picering on the top and bottom of her lips.Followed by a toungue ring that one would notice if she sticks her toungue out. Her eye liner masscara makes those brown secdutive eyes stand out. Her makesup is mostly natural with a hint of brownish eye shadow with black jelly bracelts.

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  • Folami Business partner and friend.
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