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Alfred Łucjan Jaskolski

An English-born Polish Catholic priest, Alfred has calmly marched through a great deal of human suffering and anguish, without losing his warmth and his desire to help those in need, whomever they may be.

RP Hooks
  • Priest - He can often be found at the Catholic Church, tending to the flock.
  • Former Soldier - Battle scarred with a warrior's resolve.
  • Gardener - When not preaching, or tending to the souls of the faithful, Alfred is often pottering about the garden.
  • Theology - Naturally Alfred has studied this subject rather intensely.
  • Tea - He enjoys it.

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Full Name: Alfred Łucjan Jaskolski
Played By: Rowan Atkinson
Appears As: Alfred
Date of Birth: May 18th, 1881
Apparent Age: Early 60s
Occupation: Parish Priest
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Impetuousness
Template: Immortal
Type: Purified