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“Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced.”
- Marquis De Sade

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 Alexis.png Overview
xxxxxAlexis Cavanaugh is an interesting young woman. She was born Johnathon, in 1995, but began living as transgendered when still quite young. Her parents supported her fully, but some of the more old-fashioned members of the family had issues with it. Those issues helped develop her very rebellious personality. A smart young woman, she returned from Berkeley in January of 2018, having finished getting her Masters in Computer Science, with a focus in security. She took up a job handling computer security for her family line's business endeavors and personal business, and she is given a VERY insane stipend for it. She works for her money, but only because she wants to.

xxxxxShe was ushered into the Abbey at 16 by her father, who is also a member, and she has taken to it with glee. She is a member of the Pursuit, and has hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of gigs of documents and video files to aid in hunts...or her own sick pleasure. She has videos on various supernatural occurrences, some benign, some horrific, as well as a lot of recorded hunts, as she pays hunters to wear body cams onto hunts for her. She provides these videos and her archived information to other hunters, serving as a sort of DC's Oracle for everyone. She can also go out on hunts, as well, but her real skills remains behind a desk.

xxxxxShe is unashamedly hedonistic, but sticks to alcohol, sex and party drugs like ecstasy, while avoiding harder things like cocaine and heroin, after her older brother overdosed and she found his body when she was eleven. She also dabbles in satanism (Okay, more then dabbles), and it is not LeVayan. This could be her rebellious streak, or something else, entirely.

 Alexis.png Hooks

Cavanaugh - She is one of them. She comes from old money, and grew up around high society and attended the finest private school in town. She works for her money, though, however idly and overpaid.

Ashwood - Alexis is a member of Ashwood Abbey, a hunter Compact. They are all wealthy degenerates, who are members of the Vigil for the kicks. It is a prestigious and selective secret society. Some members, like herself, often prefer partying with supernaturals over killing them. She WILL go on hunts with others, though. However, remember that there is a truce in the city, as detailed with the law: 'A creature that resides in and therefore protects Fallcoast and region shall be considered inviolate unless they break this pact by wantonly attacking or doing damage to citizens or their property beyond acceptable levels.' Because of this, PC monsters have nothing to fear unless they are, like, eating entire orphanages or something.

Transgender - Oh, what being a One Percenter can provide. She is pre-op transgender, but it would be insanely hard to tell unless you knew exactly what to offer. The medicine she takes is insanely expensive and far b eyond what an average person could obtain, meaning she doesn't suffer a lot of the side-effects most would. If this bothers you as a player, read no further and don't poke me for rp. However, if it would just bother your CHARACTER, that is all well and fine, and I'd still be happy to play with you!

Computers - She has a Masters in Computer Science, with a focus on security. She is an expert hacker, and can navigate YOUR computer, or the deep or dark web with ease. She even has some Net Zer0 buddies!

Society - Due to her family, Alexis is a member of the local high society. If she can be pried away from whatever hedonistic act she is up to, or from her computer screen, she can be found at various functions, from charities to other functions.

 Alexis.png Gallery

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Profile Alexis.png 

Full Name: Alexis Theresa Cavanaugh
Apparent-Age: 18-21
Occupation: Rich Girl/Computer Security Expert
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust

Height: 5'5"
Hair/Eyes: Varies/Hazel

Compact: Ashwood Abbey
Faction: Pursuit
Cell: None

Contacts Alexis.png 

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Alexis.png Logs Alexis.png

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