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Alessa Brown
AlGal (2).jpg

Name: Alessandra Brown
Occupation: Homicide Detective - FPD
Age: 24
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath
Template: Hunter
Compact: The Union
Faction: Home First
Cell: Pending

My Baby:

My Blood:


“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching-they are your family.”

- Jim Butcher

Natural Born Hunter

Alessa was born in Maine, in the back room of a Union bar, with her parents being two members of the town's local Union. She grew up surrounded by a network of other Hunters that peppered a number of compacts and conspiracies. The darkness that surrounds humanity was never kept a secret from her, but reality didn't set in until her home was invaded by a monster from the past, which resulted in its death, along with the death of her uncle. When one flame dies, another one is lit, and from that night onward, Alessa has dedicated her life to the Vigil.

Roleplaying Hooks

Law - Alessa is part of the proud FPD and works as a Homicide Detective within the city. Are you a guy or gal in blue? Or even a criminal lurking in the shadows? Feel free to have heard of, or know, of Al and her position within the ranks!
Hunter - Alessandra is from a family of Union hunters. Though not a local, she hopes to join forces with the Union of Fallcoast, and continue holding the candle on her family's behalf.
Supernaturals - They exist in many forms, some good, some bad, some neither. Alessa has never had any form of wool pulled over her eyes regarding such things.
Weaknesses - As far as it's known, the young huntress has a few weaknesses. One of them being dogs. Another being cheesecake. Rumor is another is a double cheeseburger with bacon. And a fourth? Jpop. ...What?
DO NOT BE AFRAID! - Even if I'm in the Hunter sphere, please don't let that drive you away from rp. I adore cross-sphere play, and do not play the 'shoot first because it's different' type of Hunter.


Miss Bacon - Remember what I told you.
Bricks - You pissed all your chances away.

Friends, Family, Maybe More

Sister - Just like the old days.
Amadeo - Pinky Promises and Vodka
English - So, so adorable. And smart, too!
Murdock - Cut from the same cloth.
Hustler - A smoke and a poke? Anytime.
Burgie - It'll be ok. We all have our scars.
Specs - There are too few of us.
Red Pyramid - Don't worry about it.
St. Michael - I should have known.
PPB - You never forget your first, no matter how hard you try.
Needles - Finally! So proud of you.
Mentor - This...this is interesting.
Book Worm - Always a joy to be around. So clever!



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