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Aleka Thorpe

Aleka was born and raised in Fallcoast. A Thorpe, but definitely more black sheep than white hat, Aleka's never really felt like she fit in. She struggles, trying to make her family proud, but always seems to come up more than a bit short.

RP Hooks
  • Thorpe .. Aleka is a local born and bred, a member of the upstanding Thorpe family.
  • Working Girl .. College? Not for this girl. She couldn't sit still that long. She went to the Community College and became a veterinary technician.
  • Underachiever .. All that pressure to be a good girl, to make good, to do her best. She just can't measure up except to her twin who seems to understand her.
  • Animals and Birds .. She just seems to have a 6th sense when it comes to animals, especially birds. So much so that one of her rescues just won't go back to the wild.
  • Tobin .. Twin brother. He understands her lack of achievement and doesn't make her feel rotten for it.
  • Orzo .. Her familiar. He's a bird. Often hanging around.

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Full Name: Aleka Thorpe
Played By: India Eisley
Appears As: Aleka
Date of Birth: February 3, 1997
Apparent Age: Late Teens/Early 20s
Occupation: Veterinary Technician
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust
Template: Psychic
Family: Thorpe


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