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“Relinquishing control to another person is like death:
it’s only scary until it finally happens.”

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones,
but whips and chains excite me.
So throw me down, tie me up, and show me how you like me.”

Abby 01W.jpg
My Name Is: Alannah MacKenna
(Appears as) Alannah
I was Born: January 12, 1995
Hometown: Middlesex County, MA
My Age: 20
My Former Gig: Runaway/Homeless
My Current Gig: Receptionist
My Virtue: Hope
My Vice: Gluttony

I'm a: Human (Mortal)
I’m hooked up with: Lynneth
I'm Listening To: Home Sweet Home - Mötley Crüe
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  • Just a Small Town Girl: Alannah ran away from home while living in a small town in Massachusetts to escape her demons. Ironically she ran into the Devil himself.
  • Mean Streets of Fallcoast: Spent some time doing some unspeakable things just to survive.
  • Pretty Little Liar: And don't trust anything she says. Just don't.
  • Saviour or Devil?: A PI found her and made her a lot of promises. But nothing comes without a price.
  • Gainful Employment: A girl’s gotta eat. Alannah works as a receptionist in Lynneth’s office now.
  • Actress: When she ran away, Alannah had aspirations of making it big as an actress. She never quite made it but she still has dreams.

xxxxxAlannah, a ghostly pale girl of Irish descent who has a decidedly crafty look about her (SL 2: Crafty) that perpetually causes her to appear to be up to something. She had that 'new car smell' when she first escaped home and made her way to the big city. That wore off fast. Now after a few years on the street her body is lean and lithe, lacking much of any body fat from months of not eating properly. Alannah’s skin is a near sickly, ghost palor, her crystal blue eyes feverishly bright and wickedly piercing; somewhat sunken with darkened circles underneath them. Pale, soft lips are full and natural, no gloss or makeup is used. Brows are dark but natural, cheekbones high and gaunt, hair is thick and dark, causing her to look all the more pale. xxxxx


  • Lynethh - The Private Eye – Guess I should consider myself pretty lucky…

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