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xxxxxPeople get the wrong idea about firefighters. Sometimes, that means they don't understand them, while other times, it's about their motives being so weird. Most people run away from fires, don't go out of their way too far to help others, and fewer still put their lives on the line to do a job that pays less than being a lawyer by half. Yet, firefighters continue to do the job: putting the wet stuff on the red stuff. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.


  • Athletic
    He enjoys a healthy exercise routine. Jogging, free-climbing, bowling. You name it.
  • Fire
    He's an experienced firefighter. When you dial '911', he may show up in response. He's currently assigned to the firehouse in Hanging Hills.
  • People Watching
    He's a big fan of this. It's an interactive hobby.
We have danced exactly once. That is not enough dancing.
Do not break a fire code. I would be sad.
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  • (2016.09.24)
First Ramble
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Laundry Day part 1
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Laundry Day part 2
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FCC - the First Meeting
Glimpses Through Smoke

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xxxxxxxxxxUlgan.pngFireLogo.pngRefinement aurum.png

“Always somewhere there is fire or smoke, insistent reminders of the greed consuming the world."
- Sy Montgomery
vital statistics
Full Name: Alan Carver
Birthdate: 23 July 1967
Apparent Age: Late 30s
Occupation: Firefighter
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Wrath
Sphere: Promethean
Lineage: Ulgan
Refinement: Aurum (Gold)
Athanor: Chimera
Throng: Gethrang
“When you know how, it's a pleasure to burn.”
- Saahil Prem
notable stats
Wits ••
Athletics •••
Occult •••
Investigation ••
Science •••
Demolisher ••
Strong Back
Trained Observer •••
“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.”
- Cormac McCarthy
Athletics Climbing
Science Fire Science
“Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can't strike them all by ourselves.”
- Laura Esquivel

Putting Out Fires - David Bowie

Well, you been so long
And I've been putting out fire
With gasoline