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Akio Liu
Name: Akio Liu
Date of Birth: June 6, 1983
Age: Mid-Thirties
Occupation: Trickster
Sphere: Changing Breeds
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust
Breed: Royal Ape
Species: Sun Wukong
Accord: Heart-Ripper
Band: Seeking
RP Hooks
* Wukong Warrior:

The Chinese folk legend, Journey to the West, tells of the monkey king Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, whom the Buddha trapped under a mountain for 500 years as punishment for inciting a rebellion in the Heavenly Kingdom. Sun Wukong was finally released on the condition that he serve as one of the traveling companions and protectors of Xuanzang, a monk who traveled west to India retrieve the Buddhist sutras.

In the tradition of their namesake, the Order of the Luminous Way of Sun Wukong has taken it upon itself to serve as an intermediary between the worlds of Beast and Man. It’s more a vocation than a breed in the usual sense if the feral is willing to undergo the intense initiation and training necessary to become a Wukong Warrior. The Wukong Warrior must accept the ascetic lifestyle and teachings of the Buddha, as Sun Wukong himself did. Control and self-knowledge are difficult for a feral to master, but the teachings of the Luminous Way of Sun Wukong help many a feral ape to keep from spiraling into a destructive cycle of sin and loss of Harmony.

When that loss occurs, however, the effect is staggering. Similar to Sun Wukong himself, a “fallen” feral ape becomes a living engine of chaos. Her speed and destructive capabilities assume awe-inspiring proportions, her feral cunning undiminished by her rampaging state. At the lower levels of Harmony, a fallen member of the Order embodies the worst aspects of Man and Beast combined.


xxxxxYou insolent demon, how blind you are! You may think I’m small, but I can grow easily enough. You may think I’m unarmed, but I could pull the moon down from the sky with my two hands. Don’t worry, old Sun WuKong will sock you one!

- The Monkey King

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