Aimee Saint-Martin

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Aimee "Wayfinder" Saint-Martin
Tribe glyph ghost wolves.png
"A mi, entends-tu
Le vol noir des corbeaux
Sur nos plaines?
Ami, entends-t“
Les cris sourds du pays
Qu'on enchaîne?
Ohé! partisans,
Ouvriers et paysans,
C'est l'alarme!
Ce soir l'ennemi
Connaîtra le prix du sang
Et des larmes!
Montez de la mine,
Descendez des collines,
Sortez de la paille
Les fusils, la mitraille
Les grenades..
Ohé! les tueurs,
A la balle et au couteau,
Tuez vite!
Ohé! saboteur,
Attention à ton fardeau:


This handsome youth looks to be eighteen or nineteen years old. He is a very athletic and slender teen, with tanned and smooth skin. He is 5'9" or so, and while in incredible shape, he is not super bulky. His muscle is all tight and lean. His hair is dark and a bit shaggy, and hangs around his attractive face. He has bright, expressive eyes and a mouth that seems to fall easily into a lopsided smile.

He tends towards clothing suiting to being a Millenial. Skinny jeans are common, and they show off how athletic he is, along with Sketchers or various athletic shoes. He often wears band shirts or flannel, and a beanie is common. The clothing really works for him.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
He moved here when he was sixteen with his parents, when his dad got a local job. He is from Agden, a small coastal town in the south of France. For whatever reason, when his parents moved back this last year, he and a few siblings stayed behind...possibly illegally.
He may be young, but he went through his Change at fourteen, and he has been an active wolf since. He has earned a LOT of renown for his age. (Honor 4, Cunning 3)
Like all members of his Lodge, he is a Ghost Wolf. He still wants to work with and pack with other Uratha, but he has chosen not to join the Tribes.
Armee Savauge
He belongs to a French Lodge which grew during and in the wake of German occupation. A Lodge of Ghost Wolves who dedicated themselves to the long, long clean-up of the spiritual detritus and chaos caused by the occupation and the horror of it. Being so far from the other members of his Lodge is lonely to him.
The Wolf has no mate and no pack. Yet.
He loves hiking, climbing, running, parkour, swimming...anything involving getting a really good work-out. He stays in excellent shape.
He is VERY in touch with his wolf...and he makes the norms quite uncomfortable because of it. (Primal Urge 5)

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 xxxxxAllies, Cohorts, Family, & Friends
No logs have been posted yet.

Occupation Unemployed Illegal Alien
Apparent Age: 18 - 19
Residence: A small house by the water
Tribe: Ghost Wolves
Auspice: Irakka (Assassin)
Lodge: Armee Savauge
Height/Weight/Build: 5'9"/Very Fit
Virtue/Vice: Charity/Lascivious
Played By: Francisco Lachowski