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"The devil is real. I know, I built his cage."
- Jonathan Ishii
Aidan Brell


It's not about Good Versus Bad. It's not about Right Versus Wrong. The world is a stage and we are the Actors. We are all heroes, and we are all villains. It's about how we decide to work with what we have. There are so many people on this earth that are suffering, we can atleast try to help them. And should we fail in easing their pain? We'll damn sure make sure their suffering was worth it. I don't claim to be the good guy. No sane hunter would, but I can atleast try. Here's to the hope.


RP Hooks:

  • Lucifuge: He is considered one of the 'Devils Children'. He has taken it on himself to help out other Lucifuges.
  • Wylde Detective Agency: Owner of the Wylde Detective Agency - a little known outfit that likes to help out where they can. They're struggling financially and need work.
  • Quiet: Do you enjoy annoying those who don't generally try to be the center of attention? He might before you..
  • Cops and District Attorneys: The man has been known to assist the Law. If you're a law Character (or even Criminal) - you might know him this way!
  • Religious You can't exactly be the progeny of the devil and not believe. Catholic.. If you were curious what flavor.

OOC Notes:

My Character is a hunter that wants to out the demonic forces of the world. I.. Do not. I want to have a scene with alot of fun and enjoyment. I'm pretty easy and open to anything. I'll go out of my way to icly ignore what is done but if I feel you've moved into something that reasonably a hunter might notice, I'll page so we can ensure that we don't break any rules! I enjoy role play, so don't let my sphere deter you!


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Personnel Data:
Name: Aidan Yori Brell
Date of Birth: December 06 1978
Cover: Wylde Detective Agency
Operational: 'Trainer'
Conspiracy: Lucifuge
Conspiracy lucifuge.png