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Teenage Werewolf

Full Name: Adon "Addy" Dimitriadis
Deed Name: Ur'thakh
Date of Birth: 24 January 1999
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Occupation: Bassist for Sons of Tanis
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Arrogance
Auspice: Irraka
Aspect: Emissary
Tribe: Iron Masters
Lodge: None
Pack: Sons of Tanis


Child of the New Moon

Ill met by moonlight:

Adon Wolf.jpg

"I've always liked the moonless night best. It's easier to say things in the dark. It's easier to be yourself."
xxxxx- Patrick Rothfuss


These stories are true
“Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts.”
xxxxx– Salman Rushdie

Hungry like the wolf

Words fade. Music speaks.
Bush - Mouth
You gave me this, made me give
Your silver grin, still sticking it in
You have soul machine, soul machine

The longest kiss, peeling furniture days
Drift madly to you, pollute my heart drain

You have broken in me, broken me
All your mental armor drags me down
Nothing hurts like your mouth, mouth, mouth

Your loaded smiles, pretty just desserts
Wish it all for you, so much it never hurts
You have a soul machine, stolen me

All your mental armor drags me down
We can't breathe when you come around
All your mental armor drags me down
Nothing hurts like your mouth, mouth, mouth
Your mouth, mouth, mouth

We'd been missing long before
Never found our way home
We'd been missing long before
Where we'll find our way

You gave me this, made me give
You have soul machine, broken free
All your mental armor drags me down
We can't breathe when you come around
All your metal armor drags me down
Nothing hurts like your mouth, mouth, mouth
Your mouth, mouth, mouth

All your mental armor
All your mental armor
And your mouth, mouth, mouth
Mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth
Mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth

Son of Tanis

xxxxx"I prefer to learn everything through music. If you want divinity, the music in every human being and their love for music is pretty much it. It's the big indication of their spirituality and their ability to love and make love, or feel pain or joy, and really manifest it, really be real."
xxxxx- Jeff Buckley


Not all who wander are lost

Birth of a Wolf

xxxxxBorn in Fallcoast to an Uratha mother and a Wolfblooded father, nobody really expected Adon to make the change himself. His wolf blood was never especially strong apart from occasional, violent bursts of anger, mainly brought on by the schoolwork he struggled so much with. Even so, he was raised in Forsaken society and most of his close childhood friends were wolfblooded.

xxxxxAdon's mother was killed in a battle with the local Pure tribes when Adon was ten years old, along with several other members of her pack. A year later, Adon's father remarried a wolfblooded woman whose father had been one of Adon's packmates. A year later, his father remarried, this time to a wolfblooded woman whose mate had died alongside Adon's father, a member of his pack.

xxxxxThis brought Adon into the madness of the Nicks family and gained him a brand new step brother in Blue, though the two had been friends since forever. Adon struggles with severe dyslexia, while Blue, a powerful wolf blood, was plagued by spirits. Blue helped Adon with his homework and Adon Beat up the kids who made fun of his weirdo brother. Together they made it through High School.

xxxxx When they were thirteen years old, Adon, Blue, Axel and a couple of their other wolfblooded friends started a band, the Sons of Tanis. They're famed for the intensity of their live shows and their highly interactive performances, which incorporate chants and call and response from the audience. A pack and a band all in one, the boys recently returned from a two year wold tour.

RP Hooks

  • He's a Werewolf
    Ur'thakh of the Farsil Luhal, if you want to be formal about it. The Wandering Wolf is one of the Irraka and grew up among Forsaken society in Fallcoast. His mother was a Rahu of the Iron Masters and fell in battle against the Pure when Adon was ten years old.
  • Long Haired Hippie Freaks
    When Adon was eleven his father remarried a wolfblooded woman of the local Nicks family. Adon picked up a step brother who saw spirits and a whole new weird, wonderful, unwashed but incredibly loving and supportive family. He misses his mom, but they're not so bad.
  • Bassist for Sons of Tanis
    When he was thirteen, Adon, Blue and their best friend Axel formed Sons of Tanis and began writing songs composed in dead languages. Combining their musical talent with Blue's shamanic training, they've been able to achieve significant commercial success and have spent the last two years touring continuously.
  • Emissary
    Possibly due to spending the last two years travelling around the world with his four wolfblooded best friends, Adon had embraced the aspect of the emissary. He's driven to protect his wolfblooded family and friends in any way he can and has been their voice to local Uratha wherever they've travelled.
  • Achievement Unlocked: Pack
    Red Wolf teaches the Iron Masters to honor their territory in all things. Turns out that is kind of difficult when you don't actually have a territory. Since returning to Fallcoast the Sons of Tanis have claimed the eastern quarter of the Historic District. They're like, properly grown up Werewolves now!
  • Lodge of Spires Aspirant
    Addy met one of these guys in the Favelas while the band was touring in Sao Paulo. He was immediately blown away and has been wanting to join ever since. Now that he's back in Fallcoast with his very own, urban territory to look after, it feels like the ideal time. He's gonna need somebody to show him the ropes.

Werewolf the forsaken.png Auspice irraka.png Tribe iron masters.png

Ones To Watch

Sons of Tanis

  • Axel
    My best, oldest and most loyal friend. Axel, Blue and me have been a pack in all but name since before we could talk. Not only is he an amazing guitarist but he's also the first guy you call if you get in a fight.
  • Blue
    We may not have blood in common, but I'm closer to him than anyone alive. The voice of Sons of Tanis and beloved of the spirits. We've been through everything together and we always seem to come out of it stronger.
  • Vance
    Saw us in Germany and tracked us all the way back to Fallcoast looking to join. He talks kind of a lot, but he's a pretty incredible drummer and knows a thing or three about working with spirits too. He'll fit right in.

Nicks Family

  • Fi
    Sweet step-cousin who just happens to grow some of the best weed in Maine. Seriously, 'Rainbow River' is a masterpiece. She wants to get off the commune and start heading into town more, which worries me.

The Forsaken

  • Jacobus
    This guy seemed cool. He invited me to his pack but it was based out in the ass end of nowhere - not really my scene. Looked like he was going to make some waves for a while but ended up not really having the staying power.
  • Kid
    Brazilian, this guy threw me off at first, but turns out he's one of us after all and more to the point he's actually pretty cool and owns a Parkour/Copoeira place. My kind of guy, need to meet up with him again pretty soon.