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“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.”

– Oscar Wilde


"There's suffering at the birth of a child as at the birth of a star." - Brian Slade, Velvet Goldmine

Before there was Addison, there was Richard; or more accurately, Richard "Dick" Woolridge Grant. He came bawling and kicking into the world on January 3rd 1923, swaddled in silk and jewels and silver spoon planted firmly in that sweet little mouth. His tiny gilded star was ascendant from the moment he was born into utter opulence in Manhattan, the second child -- not to mention the first and only son -- of Celia (née Fitzgerald) and Jonathan. The Grants' "modest" seven bedroom Greek Revival townhouse was more than spacious enough to raise baby Richard and his three sisters, with enough room for servants and a long lineage of canine companions. The patriarch of the family was a successful real estate mogul and venture capitalist, and he ensured his assets were sufficiently strong and diversified to weather whatever storms may come the young family's way. Such foresight and prudence served the Grant Group exceptionally well during the tumultuous years of the Great Depression, with the business and family both remaining mostly insulated. The continued accumulation and shrewd managing of Jonathan's wealth, while unquestionably a boon to the wife and kids, had another impact on the future scion of the company. Richard grew up content in the knowledge that his birthright would be intact and ready for him as he came of age, and this lead the lad to acquire a certain amount of entitlement and even haughtiness that not even the nuns at his all-boys school could beat out of him. This was coupled with an overall moodiness and melancholy that persisted into his teenage years, a penchant that was fed by and fed into a growing dependance on alcohol and incessant chain-smoking as he grew into a man. It didn't help that he was socially awkward during those formative times, never feeling comfortable in his skin or taking advantage of the chiseled features and easily cultivated muscle mass his superior genes imbued him with. Inevitably he was sent off to Yale to ready himself for the mantle of leadership, though he was never "one of the good ol' boys," mostly keeping to himself and confiding in his best friend, a potent bottle of some booze or another. Despite his turbulet nature, he managed to do what was expected of him as always, graduating with honors from the vaunted halls of the Ivy League and even cultivating a relationship with a young lady. That particular lass was one Patricia Whitman, the daughter of a wealthy investment banker and a pivotal piece of Dick's future plans, for what self-respecting businessman of the 1940's didn't have a lovely wife and a few screaming kids?


"Now, there's no moral to this story
But I can hear my freedom calling me, calling me." - Marina and the Diamonds, Gold

Wedding bells sounded not long after the young couple's collegiate duties were finished, with the pair settling themselves into a palatial little estate just outside New York City proper. Their union was consummated with all due haste, with their first child (the first of several to come) being born less than a year after they were wed. Richard had his roots firmly planted, familial alliances formed, and it wasn't long before his aging father gave the younger Grant more and more control over their operations. Such responsibilities come with their costs, though, and new father had to spend much of his time at the office in Manhattan, leaving Patricia and the baby alone much of the time. The young mother made due, however, entertaining business associates and running some small charity groups when she had the time. Dick, though, was focused on other pursuits, including but not limited to sampling a vast array of local rent boys whenever he had the opportunity. Those frequent extramarital flings didn't impede upon his husbandly duties, though, and several more children were to come throughout the years, with their father remaining a kindly but distant figure for much of their lives. The Swinging Sixties were a particularly interesting time for Richard, the inner demons and soul-searching he had done for all his life gradually drifting towards a new possibility for him. Maybe he wasn't just "light in the loafers," but perhaps there was something else entirely going on in his heart and soul. Changing ideas regarding sexuality and gender intrigued the high-power businessman, and he began devoting more and more of his time to researching such new possibilites and forming a network of individuals to quietly assist him. A web of physicians and specialists was gradually formed, a veritable army of freethinkers that could help the man achieve his goals. These studies lead him to some information regarding the occult, though he shrugged the vast majority of information relating to the supernatural as artistic fancy, instead finding refuge in science. The 1970s found him unloading more and more work to his subordinates and growing increasingly distant from his family, finally culminating in a quiet divorce, an event that surprised few and freed Richard from yet another hurdle to his eventual goal.


"The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen
She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes
She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond." - Lana Del Rey, Carmen

The dreary boy that grew up to be a brooding man set his focus on his singular purpose with laser precision, funneling much of his vast wealth into dummy corporations for his impending death and rebirth. His body would finally match his mind, the questions and agonies nagging at the edges of his psyche for decades finally silenced. Nothing is off limits for the rich and powerful, though, and he wasn't content with only having a decade or two to feel right in his skin. He was always greedy, and he wanted a whole extra lifetime to be the person he felt he should always have been. This was granted, and he had his gender confirmed and immortality granted in the form of a cobbled together body and an ever-ticking mechanical heart. After several months in southeast Asia and the care of a team of doctors and surgeons, she was free, a ravenous and adventurous young thing unleashed upon the neon night life of the '80s. "She" being Addison Elizabeth Windermere, a supposedly widowed young socialite traveling the world to try and forget her woes. It wasn't a difficult prospect for her to kill off Richard, using her considerable resources and contacts at her disposal to fake his death and permanently unshackle herself from her old life. And thus it was that she flitted to and fro about the globe, decades coming and going but the glamorous lass staying the same, save for the occasional limb or face transplant every so often. Nothing gold can stay, however, and in recent years she's begun to truly question how long her wealth will last. Her treatments and standard of living aren't cheap, and she hasn't exactly been burning the midnight oil to grow her businesses. Recently she's decided to come back to the east coast of the United States to try and get herself back on track, the last few years of world-spanning adventures replaced by business meetings and attempting to grow connections. The city of Fallcoast eventually seemed a reasonable place to get herself back on track, as she's not quite ready to face the ghosts of New York after having been away for so long. Maybe she'll be lucky and shrewd enough to find herself some powerful allies and lucrative opportunities so she can continue to live the charmed existence she's done so much to acquire.

RP Hooks
  • Businesswoman - Addison's the CEO of a successful little charitable organization, The Windermere Foundation. Her nonprofit focuses on educating and lifting up at risk inner city youth, coupled with outreach programs for the LGBTQ+ community, with counseling, healthcare, and networking. Are you an investment banker who'd like to assist in her mission, or maybe someone who could benefit from the Foundation's services? Celebrities who would like to share their stories and experiences about overcoming adversity are a plus!
  • Fruit Fly - For some reason or another Addi's invariably drawn to people from a wide variety of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Transgender individuals hold a special interest for her, and if someone opens up to her about their experiences, they will likely find a sincere friend and confidant.
  • Dazzled, doused in gin - On her off time she can often be found imbibing something pricey and chain-smoking in any number of bars in either of the sister cities.
  • Cultural Catholic - She doesn't exactly hold the Sacraments dear, but she does have a certain nostalgic and aesthetic fondness for the trappings and ceremonies of the Church. Her and God aren't really on speaking terms, but if you're going to a Tridentine Mass, she'll probably tag along for old times' sake.
Addison Elizabeth Windermere
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: CEO / Philanthropist
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Envy


Emilie Autumn - Thank God I'm Pretty

I'm blessed
With the ability to render grown men tongue tied
Which only means that when it's dark outside
I have to run and hide, can't look behind myself

Animal Collective - FloriDada

Child of limousines
What's the best place that you have seen
All of the hands that you have shook
Home of the queen of everything fancy
Is there a smell that you can tell
Gives you some peace, sends you to hell
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